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Here's Looking At You, 2018
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Here's Looking At You, 2018

It's almost the end of 2017. Last year, I didn't document my resolutions, but I know that I've managed to cross a couple off of that long, long list. My most memorable one was getting along better with my younger sister; our relationship is better than ever now, and I've even been out riding with her!

This year, I'm centering my goals around my horses, and I'm hoping you'll all keep me straight, Of Horse.

1. PERSONALLY WALKING MY BOYS Lately I've been busy and had a hand or two in helping with the horses. My main goal for this year is spending more personal time with them; not only will it be for them, but it'll help me too. I miss them. Horses are healing, after all. No more letting my friends and family do it for me when I'm just too busy!

2. WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! I've spammed you all with my memoirs and experiences, but in the future, I want to develop my writing abilities beyond just writing personal thoughts and hopes about horses, or silly cute lists and the like. I'd like to get into cold hard horsey facts, without stopping the flow of fun content that I hope you've all been enjoying.

3. KNITTING NEW BLANKETS FOR THE HORSES It's a fun pastime! But all of my boys and their girls need new, stylish outfits to wear when it's cold, you know! What's all trendy with the horses these days, guys? I'm depending on you here! Do people--horses!--still love houndstooth designs?! A girl's gotta provide for her family, gotta make them look snazzy. I might start off with a few designs for blankets beneath saddles and the like, such as this one by Judy Lamb on Ravelry. Do you think horses like wearing pictures of themselves...?

These are all simple things, but they mean a lot to me. I'm sure you can all relate, as we're all here for our mutual love and adoration of our horse friends, so I can imagine that your own resolutions are much the same. How about you drop me a couple in the comments, we can compare notes.

Who knows? Maybe next year will be better for all of us. 2017 was a hard one, as was 2016, and I know I'll be happy to put it behind me.

Let's hope there's going to be a "Here's Looking At You, 2019" from me next year.

Photo by Five Furlongs on Flickr.

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