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Here Comes Trouble
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Here Comes Trouble

If you've owned a horse for any length of time and your horse hasn't had any accidents, just wait, they're coming. 

The pic you see is Cookie's lips and you guessed it, that happens to be a piece of her upper lip. I can only assume what happened because I didn't see it. At some point between last night's feeding and breakfast this morning, it appears she tried to get into the back porch area by way of the stairs. She had been trying for a while to get in there because she knows that's where her alfalfa is kept. Each time I have backed her away from the stairs when I caught her doing it. At any rate, she managed to bend part of the railing, turn over some very large bricks around the flower bed and bit a chunk out of her upper lip. I don't see any other marks where she fell, and she's not limping or sore to the touch anywhere else. I did take a quick peek at her front teeth and all are still there with no cracks that I can tell. 

Now this is not the first time she has injured herself. At some point she has managed to get a sternum bone or rib out of place, she has also injured her right hind leg and had to have rest for quite a while for that to heal. I pray nothing else happens and if it does, Lord please keep it minimal. 

Horses can and will get themselves into a heap of trouble in a hurry. Knowing this will keep safeguarding your horses area at the forefront of your mind every day. I know if I could wrap Cookie and myself in bubble wrap it might save a few vet bills and doctor visits. lol! I know that just isn't possible though. 

So what I will do is build a blockade of sorts to go across the steps and that will help prevent her from trying again if she hasn't learned her lesson this first time. Knowing Cookie like I do, chances are she has been watching how I open that storm door and was trying to figure out just how I have been doing it. She hasn't been able to break into the hay shelter in a while now which tells me, at least so far, that I've done a good job of barricading it. Believe me, she watches everything I do and if she thinks it will benefit her in anyway, she's going to try it. 

I go out to feed 4 times a day. When I do I also check for anything that's out of place, anything she can get hurt on or step on or tangled up in. If I see something that may cause injury, I remove it. If you don't remove the dangers you're just asking for trouble. 

This to me is a minor injury. It looks bad and I've no doubt it hurts like the dickens however, there's not much I or the Vet can do for her. He might clip off that extra piece just so it isn't in her way but other than that, there's just not much you can do for a busted lip. If there's anything else wrong, like she banged herself up internally or to a leg, I won't know for a couple of days because when an injury first happens swelling begins to help protect the area(s) affected. I'm sure some of you might be asking, Why don't you just call the Vet out. Well, for one reason, it's a minor injury and $50 for the farm call alone is not worth it to me. Now if she was busted up and couldn't get off the ground, or if her face was gushing blood that wouldn't stop, I'd be giving him a call right away. 

Most minor injuries will be all right without the Vet's assistance and unless you just want to spend a ton of money, it's not worth the call. Besides, horses have been injuring themselves for centuries and have healed on their own without human intervention. Like wild mustangs for example. They get into some pretty serious fights and get injured really badly. Most heal well on their own with no humans around. 

Because we are emotional beings, we tend to go overboard on the "care" we give to our horses. We daub this on them for a scratch, or spray that on for a cut. When in fact, most of the stuff we put on doesn't do a whole lot in the way of "healing" the problem at hand. It usually makes us feel better knowing we did "something" to make our horse feel better. The body uses its own properties and does a pretty good job of healing itself. 

So if you have a problem child, I hope you do what you can to child proof your horse's area and if you're not sure the injury your horse has is minor or serious, please do call your Vet for advice. Assessing injuries can be difficult if you're a beginner in the horse world. Getting a second and even a third opinion never hurts. 


I appreciate all comments and votes. Thank you for checking out my blogs! 

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  1. Renee Dryden
    Renee Dryden
    My horses get boo boos all the time. Most of the time I let them heal on their own. One time my Welsh pony went to kick at another horse and got it hung in the fence. It was a clean cut, wasn't bleeding at all, and it was just the skin she cut. Luckily I know how to suture. I learned several handy things working at a breeding facility owned by a vet. So now unless they ate down and I can't get them up, they are continually pouring blood, or I can't figure out what's wrong with them, I don't call the vet. I even do vaccines myself. Good article. Voted!
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you. That is great knowledge, and experience to have. I am a needle phobic so giving my own Vaccine's or shots is just not gonna happen unless I could spend countless hours with a Vet to learn how to give them and get over that phobia. When I first got Cookie I worried about this or that, but now that I've had her a while not so much. With this boo boo, I just hoped she would be able to eat without too many problems and that she didn't crack any teeth. It has healed pretty well though it is still tender and if she bumps her chin she chews and licks for a while. lol
      1. Renee Dryden
        Renee Dryden
        Yep it's kinda the same with kids. Your first you freak out over everything the by the time your second comes along you're like you'll live.. Lol
        1. Rene Wright
          Rene Wright
          lol! Exactly! :D

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