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Herbs for your Horse
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Herbs for your Horse

When it comes to caring for your equine, nothing is worth more than a high quality, solid line of products to accompany any form of alternative treatment you want to seek for it. There are limited types of products and therapists out there since animal naturopathic care is not as common yet as for humans, but with a bit of research, we can find some of these great alternative treatments online.

Equine Natural Care (ENC) is one of them. Along with an evaluation to assess every horse’s energy requirements – levels, imbalances, blocking, etc. – they offer a type of product to either heal or prevent such ailments. There are also a few that can be used to strengthen systems, such as the immune system, to ensure optimum health at all times.

Now, these are not nutritional supplements per se. Although some of these products carry a small amount of nutritional value – they are, after all, often comprised of plants – they are negligible and should not be counted as such. However, they may add a bit of flavor to your equine’s meal, so don’t be surprised if it notices a bit of a change – surely for the better!

ENC offers a variety of blends that are meant to benefit your horse’s varying needs, taking the guesswork and research off your hands so you can simply administer according to your pet’s necessities. For example, one blend is meant for the horse’s hair and hoofs. The herb mix is specifically designed to promote the best coat, skin and bone health possible by supporting the digestive and circulation systems. So, if you are looking for a way to make your horse show-ready, this could be an excellent tool.

Furthermore, any representative that you come in contact with has been thoroughly trained and educated in natural remedies, especially their lines of products, ensuring you get the best service possible. They will be ready to answer your questions should you have any.

This, and other products for your horse, is available online for you to order from. Of course, you don’t need to order several immediately if you are not sure this is the path you wish to take for your animal’s daily needs. However, just a test to begin with will let you know if this is the best care you can give your horse.



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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    I am always interested in learning about more natural remedies & health boosters. The problem I run into often is cost. There aren't any natural food stores anywhere near me & sometimes ordering online the shipping is outrageous. I've been thinking about growing herbs & stuff at home to save all that & reap the benefits. I'll certainly do some more research on herbs. :) Voted!
  2. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Voted, although you are already on the home page! Great blog, I am sure horses benefit by these type of remedies as much as humans do. Please check out my latest blog here, Those Famous Budweiser Horses and.....you know the rest!!! :-D

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