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Heat-Stricken Horses Need Our Help!
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Heat-Stricken Horses Need Our Help!

I am sure everyone here is very concerned with keeping their own horses safe from the fierce heat as much as possible this summer so that they don't suffer. This is all-important as a horse’s body heats up 10 times faster than a human body. Professor Michael Lindiger, an animal and exercise physiologist at the University of Guelph says:

“It only takes 17 minutes of moderate intensity exercise in hot humid weather to raise a horse’s temperature to dangerous levels. That’s 3 to 10 times faster than in humans. Horses feel the heat much worse than we do.” (Quoted in the July edition of Horseback magazine).

This is why we should consider the wild horses which need our help, as they are also experiencing these dangerous heat-related problems. I have recently signed this petition, below, addressed to Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior, regarding the horses and burros in Palomino Valley Centre in Nevada, near Reno, and a few other places. The captive wild horses and burros, around 1,800 of them, at Palomino Valley are trapped in corrals with no shelter from the terrible heat and their condition is worsening. The corrals are federally funded, so the government needs to step in and help here.

This campaign is being led by Senator Mark Manendo and the Executive Director of Project Mustangs, Ann Novak. They have officially requested that shade be given to these horses, but the request was refused. The help offered in response to the request was inadequate - a sprinkler has been installed for the horses to cool down but these animals also need shelters to be built, to avoid the full sun exposure that is deadly to them. The organisation Native Wild Horse Protection has offered to donate the materials and labour to build shelters, but for some reason this generous offer was declined. This has caused an outcry and now campaigns such as Palomino Relief Project,#GiveUsShelter and #Shade4Mustangs have been started to achieve this end, and are gaining momentum.

Here is the petition, which I am sure you will all want to sign to give what support you can:


Hope you got something from this blog, and I appreciate your votes and comments.


Picture courtesy of www.petnewsandviews.com

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  1. autumnap
    Voted. We've had a heatwave here lately too. I noted someone had set up a lovely shady gazebo in a field where there was no natural shade - great idea! x
  2. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. I have signed this petition before. It is completely asinine that BLM is allowing this to happen and not taking responsibility for the colts that have already died to the heat. Their double standard for adopters needs to be reversed, where the adopter has to provide a 3 sided shelter, yet BLM states it would be dangerous for the horses and one of their "spokespersons" said they couldn't provide shelter due to the sun killing the micro-organisms in the manure. Complete garbage and the worst excuse I have ever heard. The media needs to blow this story out of the water and bring as much national attention as possible in order to sway the govt's policies about shelter for all horses in captivity at holding centers.
    1. Chestnut Mare
      Chestnut Mare
      Thanks a lot Rene. I am glad you are onboard with this too. As you say, the BLM are behaving in such an idiotic way, so they need national pressure put on them. You would think it was obvious what help is needed given that foals have already died :-(
  3. jst4horses
    These horses are used to the heat, but they also do find trees, or just stretch out in the sun, which surprisingly helps them deal with it. If people want to shade them, and the government won't let them........it is an outrage. America is not a very nice place at this moment for humans, let alone animals and the plants. Pray for divine intervention, we in America, who watch our lovely mustangs being gathered up by helicopter, and pursued by motor vehicle until they collapse or are injured horribly...............to give fracking and grazing public lands to those who are completely greedy.............need God to help us. These humans are hell bent on making America one big ghetto with no wild life, no plants, no home grown anything. It is a nightmare. So please pray and keep on doing what we can.
    1. Chestnut Mare
      Chestnut Mare
      Thanks jst4horses. So you think the horses can maybe handle the heat? But several of them have died already (I believe they were foals) so I am not so sure. I think the young and vulnerable ones need human intervention. Britain is going exactly the same way as America, sadly. Neither people or animals are of any account, it's all about money :-( . We just have to keep doing what little bit we can, as you say.

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