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Healing to Help Horses on Box Rest
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Healing to Help Horses on Box Rest

For most horse owners, hearing from the vet that your horse needs box rest or a little time of recuperation in their stable can be the start of a very stressful time. Most horses if not used to regular or daily confinement can increase their recovery time rather then decrease it by being constantly stressed and on edge. 

Some people will resort to stable toys or other gadgets in order to try and avoid creating stable vices and habits that may then last a lifetime. This time of confinement can be used as a bonding and healing time for you and your horse if you take the opportunity to find 'other things' to do together that you might both enjoy.

Recuperation time can and often does provide a way for you and your horse to connect in a unique and beneficial way, as well as helping you both to destress and thus assist your horse in healing during the time they are in their stable. I have seen firsthand the wonderful transformation as horses who were previously crawling the walls, becoming instead relaxed and content. Benefits can extend well beyond the initial box rest period, positively changing the bond between the horse and owner for the long term.

My personal experience is with energy healing. Having trained in things like Reiki and Shamanism, as well as equine communication, I am familiar with the many other things you can do to help you horse. Gentle massage, using crystals to help them, along with herbs and essential oils are all alternate ways to interact with them. Rather then seeing this time as something to endure, you can transform it into a learning and bonding time for you and your horse. Taking this time to learn how to manage your horse's stress and also to discover what you and your horse like to do together.

Sometimes taking away other things, such as riding or turn out time, can enhance your relationship and allow you a time to retune to one another and find other ways to bond and connect.

Box rest doesn't need to result in stress and weeks of desperately waiting for them to be allowed out again. Transform it into something altogether better and even enjoyable. 

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