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He is a Horse and He Paints
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He is a Horse and He Paints

Humans are capable of doing almost every possible thing. From the era of hunting to evolution of technology, humans have done it all. Even though humans have evolved, many humans have helped animals evolve too. Men have trained animals for their convenience. Dogs can be taught to sit and stay. They can also be used to guard homes and help track down criminals.

Cats are tamed not to jump around. Birds are taught to sing and hymn. Sadly, very few people try to train animals for unselfish reasons and try to give them a taste of joy which people most enjoy. People very well know the possible animals which can be tamed and taught to do some of the domestic chores. Some of the popular animals are capable of doing things for humans. A few of them are dogs, bullocks, cows, monkey and more. However, to find an artistic side of an animal is a very rare quality.

The St. Petersburg police department has a patrolling horse, who is a skilled painter and artist. The artist is Jacob, who not only knows how to hold the brush but also knows how to paint with different colors and combination. Jacob, this most unique and talented horse is the result of his mentor’s constant affection and hard work to help him uplift and utilize his skills to the fullest. Officer Hughes has worked very hard in training Jacob to paint. Hughes had to specially prepare a special kind of paint brush which is horse proof. Hughes started with training Jacob how to hold the brush and how to go about waving it to create an art. Looking back to the days, when Jacob was an amateur Hughes states that it took him weeks to prepare the special kind of paint brush for Jacob to art with.

He slowly introduced to him the canvas. Jacob learned how to hold the brush and since then he painted everything around him and hit the canvas accidentally. But, Officer Hughes seems pretty impressed with his beloved Jacob’s first piece of art. He happily states that his artwork is not that bad and he would soon showcase Jacob’s other artworks as well. Jokingly, Hughes says he does not yet know what type of paintings Jacob would prefer to make but soon will let others know of his skilled artists' preferences. Jacob sure loves to spend his leisure time painting and waving on his canvas and painting his heart out.

This is an incredible story of a horse being so talented and skilled at the same time. Usually, humans are mistaken of horse's capabilities to feeding on grasses and running races. Jacob does break this misconception and definitely surprises and sometimes shocks people. Truly, Jacob is a gifted horse and one of the best patrols of the St. Petersburg police station. The entire story does give out one clear message that any animal can be a very talented if proper love, care, support and mentorship is given to them.

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