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Have You Heard about the Benefits of Longeing
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Have You Heard about the Benefits of Longeing

There are two ways you can make your horse work out. The first way is when you ride with it and the second way is when you longe it. Have you heard about longeing? It comes with some excellent benefits. It is a form of exercise where you stand in one place and let your horse run around you. Simply attach a longe line to the halter or cavesson on your horse and let it run in circles as you hold one end of the line.

The longe line is like a leash, leash that is used on a dog. Usually made of nylon or cotton, longe lines can be up to 15 feet long and cover a distance of up to 30 feet. Any long rope can be used as a long line. A polyester horse confetti lead that is 10 feet in length can be used as a longe line.

To get the best experience from a longe line, you may want to consider a cotton line. Many people think that nylon is a sturdier material and should be more ideal for this purpose. A horse is a powerful animal and with a strong tug, it may sever a line. Hence, the strength of nylon may be more suitable for longeing. However, cotton lines can also be extremely strong, even stronger than nylon. So, there should be no issues with cotton longe lines. The other benefit that a cotton longe line offers is in terms of safety of your hands. Cotton will not burn or hurt your hands that nylon can. Find out a cotton longe line with a hook at one end to attach to the halter or the cavesson and you are done.

If you have not heard about this concept yet, we are glad that you are here. The benefits of longeing are many and as a horse owner, you should find great value from using this form of exercise.

Form your authority

As you longe your horse, it is quickly established that you are the master or the mistress. As you give commands to your horse while longeing, you will be able to establish that sense of authority. At the same time, a strong bond in your relationship will be formed and the animal will learn to give you due respect.

Controlled exercising

When you use riding as the form of exercise, there are certain things beyond your control. Your horse may trip into a hole and break its leg. Or some sharp object may puncture its hoof. Longeing, on the other hand, is done in a much more controlled environment. Since there is only a specific area that is covered under longeing, you can easily inspect the area to make sure it is safe for your horse.

You also get to control your horse while longeing. A horse, even when it gets super excited during the exercise, can still be fully controlled. It is possible that it goes out of control during riding, but this will never happen during longeing.

The next time you plan to take your horse out for some work out, consider longeing as the activity. Now that you have heard about its benefits, you should not hesitate to use this form of exercise. You will let your horse spend as much energy as through riding and keep it safe. Don’t forget riding though. It’s a pleasure that both your horse and you should continue to enjoy.

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