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Hauling Done For, (Not by) Horses
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Hauling Done For, (Not by) Horses

If you have been complaining about the heat, stop to consider the poor wild horses in Nevada. Those mustangs have gone for months without a sufficient supply of food and water. In fact, the drought has forced members of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to start hauling water. The liquid refreshment is needed by the herds that roam over Nevada's parched pastureland.

In the past, certain livestock owners have been allowed to take their animals onto federal land. Now the BLM has asked those same men and women to limit their utilization of public lands. The Bureau has made that request as part of its effort to reduce the problems that are facing Nevada's wild horses.

Those mustangs must try filling their stomachs with sparse and poor quality forage. The Bureau's concern for those animals has caused that agency to call-for the trucking-in of hay, in addition to the hauling-in of water. Unfortunately, not every hungry and thirsty horse has seized on its chance to enjoy the added nourishment and refreshment.

Some of them have refused to eat or drink the hauled-in hay and water. Experts believe that the animals are in stress, and have asked a federal veterinarian to examine them. Yet, no one has said exactly how the government plans to deal with any stress-related behaviors.

Like any animal, a horse must eat and drink in order to stay alive. It needs a way to fill its stomach and quench its thirst. The wild horses in Lincoln County, Nevada are finding it hard to satisfy those most basic needs.

Horse-lovers should appreciate the government's readiness to spend $25,000 per day on a water-hauling effort. That effort has managed to ensure appearance on the parched land of 25,000 gallons of liquid refreshment each day. Each gallon can supply a horse's tongue with the coolness and wetness that it requires to survive the summer sun.

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  1. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Voted. Well done for writing about this - my most recent blog is on the exact same subject, before I saw yours! The horses need shelter too, which the BLM are ignoring, and that is the point I make in my blog. Do check it out when you get a chance. It's great that more than one of us is raising awareness of this.
    1. Chestnut Mare
      Chestnut Mare
      My blog is called; Heat-Stricken Horses Need Our Help! I have put in it a link to a petition I have signed. A shameful situation, isn't it?

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