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Harmony in the Pasture: On the Way!
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Harmony in the Pasture: On the Way!

I've had a horse boarded at my family's stable for the past few months, mostly because this winter has been especially hard on us. I thought for awhile that she'd be happier over there, with all of their horses and cows to keep her company, but a week later I get a phone call.

"Our Daisy is bullying your girl," the voice on the other end of the phone tells me.

"Bullying?" I ask, scoffing a little. My girl wasn't a pushover and could duke it out whenever she got annoyed by someone. Being bullied seemed out of the question for her.

"Bullying. I've never seen our Daisy act so dang bad in my life. I'm about to start looking into behaviouralists because this is so dang weird," I was told, and then reality set in. They weren't joking around with me – this was just one of those times where horses couldn't get along. I made it back home within two days, just in time to see said bullying; and those who were trying to stop it.

An attempt was made, and the specialists could only come up with one thing: there was no synergy between the two animals, no chemistry, as corny as that sounds. They were so beyond incompatible that it was almost ridiculous. There's a lot to say when it comes to herd dynamics, things I've never really had to deal with in my shortish lifetime.

My horses have always gotten along, aside from a nip or two.

Is there a way for the horses to sync up, form proper bonds like in the movies? I'm sure there are. For example, horses can bond with us through tragic pasts, can they not? There are many tales of abused and abandoned horses finding loving forever homes. That's not the case here, not quite, but it reminds me of it.

It's a puzzle I want to solve between my girl and Daisy. So I've been brainstorming ways to let them get used to one another. Horses use an infinite amount of social gestures between one another, and most are so radically different from humans that we might not be able to tell what's what.

This is the start of my quest for horse harmony.

Photo by Karsun Designs on Flickr.

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