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Happiness is...a Warm Horse
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Happiness is...a Warm Horse

“Heaven is high and earth wide. If you ride three feet higher above ground than other men, you will know what that means.” - Rudolf C. Binding

I love Sundays this time of year for 3 reasons: church, horseback riding and football. Last week after another enjoyable afternoon of snacking and watching the Patriots win their game, along with my husband Peter and our son Craig, I channel-surfed until I landed on the Travel Channel. I love planning where we might spend future vacations once we win the lottery. The hostess was showing beautiful scenes from Sydney, Australia.

“What are you watching?” Peter asked, glancing up from the email on his laptop.

I checked the guide.

“It’s a show featuring the ‘happiest places in the world,’ I answered.

“Did our family room make the list?” he smiled, having thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon together.

Happiness is what you make it, at home, at work or at the stables. Before our football game had started, I had made the effort to squeeze in some Sportie time right after church. It was the coldest day of autumn thus far and the wind was brisk. As I groomed Sportie, there was a loose metal roof shingle banging behind us that made him think we were under an alien attack. He raised his head, shifted his feet and swished his tail nervously. As my fingers began to lose their feeling from the cold and I struggled with the saddle cinch I thought, “Maybe I didn’t have to ride today.” The winter wind swirled around us, so Sportie was still jittery and I was still freezing as I finally launched myself into the saddle and then…

It was like a movie that goes from horribly loud to instant quiet. It was like when your young child fights taking medicine, but you finally get it into him and he almost immediately feels better. It was and always is, peace suspended between earth and sky -- one of the happiest places in the world and always worth the effort.

From my stables to yours, I wish that peace for all of us riders, all through the holidays and throughout 2017.


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