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Halloween Fun With Horses
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Halloween Fun With Horses

It is so much fun to dress up for Halloween. We can dress up ourselves, our kids, our dogs, and even our horses! Dressing up horses can be a little bit more difficult, though, just because you have to make sure whatever you plan on putting on them won't scare them. So plan on a practice run! It's also important to take into consideration whether or not you are going to be leading your horse and parading it around or riding it. That will definitely play a role in deciding the details of your costume. And don't forget, if you are riding, no costume is an excuse to not wear a helmet. 

Safety First, Always!

Safety, as I said before, should always be the first priority, even in Halloween fun with horses. Consider if the things you plan on putting on your horse might scare them. Do they make noises when he/she moves? Will he/she feel restricted in any way?

Most likely, if your horse is calm enough to consider dressing up, he/she will be totally chill with whatever you decide to put on him. Just make sure you do a test run first just in case.

A fun way to do a test run is to get your costume and your horses costume on and have a friend take pictures for you.

Using Non-Toxic Paint

You can use non-toxic paint, like the kind little kids use, to paint your horse into whatever you might want him to be if you have the artistic ability. Even if you don't have fancy art skills, it can be fun to paint your horse into something for Halloween. Usually, once the paint dries, you can brush it off pretty easily with a had brush and a curry comb.

Trick or Treating on Horseback?

I have never been trick or treating on horseback. The sound of it actually makes me a little nervous. Riding on neighborhood streets in the dark... Yikes! You can do all kind of fun activities at the farm where you trick or treat with the horses in their Halloween costumes, either mounted or unmounted! Anything from a costume parade around the farm with stops on the way for candy to games where they have to answer knowledge questions to win their trick or treat candy!

There are plenty of ways to have fun with horses and Halloween and still be safe.

Every Holiday is Fun With Horses

Every holiday is fun with horses, especially Halloween. As long as you think through your costume ideas and make sure they are comfortable and not frightening to your horse, the sky is the limit as far as what you can do.

Staying in the festive fall spirit, let your horse bob for apples afterward. I bet he would think was a great reward!

Happy Haunting!

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