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Growing Up
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Growing Up

I have been seeing a change in the pasture order lately. Patch, my 16 year old hand has decided that my little filly, my two year old 14.1 hand dun needs to quit acting like a baby. Mom thinks so too, but doesn't really wanna be the one to correct her. This morning was the first time I have seen this little girl throw an all out temper tantrum.

Patch had cut her off and made her get away from the barn entrance, which has never happened. She has always been right behind mom, but not today. She commenced to jumping up,spinning, and kicking at him in just total madness. I do believe it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Didn't phase big Patch though, he stood perfectly still blocking the gate and patiently waiting for her to quit. Soon as she was done, he walked slowly into the barn and in his stall. Ivy then came in and went to hers only to get a nip from mom for acting like a brat!

My poor girl is now being forced to act like a grown up and learn her place. I cant help but have mixed emotions about this, on one hand I am glad,but on the other sad. I am glad she is growing up, but I am sure gonna miss her being little! Kinda feels like my kid just graduated high school. I know Ivy really isn't digging the new pasture order either. She just doesn't quite understand why in the world momma didn't come save her, cause mom has always protected her from everything, maybe a little to much. She still gets instruction from mom. Everytime I take her out, mom gives a slow nicker like she is saying,"you behave now, I will see you when you get back. I guess when those nickers end, she will be on her own.

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