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Grouchy Much?
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Grouchy Much?

I went to spend some time this morning with Oreo after checking out a new hay supplier. It's a cold, cloudy & very windy day & I had brought an apple for Oreo as I had forgotten to bring her anything the last time I visited. I walked up to the corral & as Oreo approached she had her ears pinned. I thought hmmm ok, is she pinning at me? I cut up the apple & gave her a slice at a time. By the time I got to the 5th piece, she was acting sort of weird. I thought ok, you're gonna be nutty over apples? She was still pinning her ears & as we got through 1/2 of the apple, I realized what she was doing. She's in with 4 mules & she wasn't about to share her apple with any of them. She finished off her apple & I rinsed off my hands, then went inside to love on her. She was still pinning her ears, even at me at first. I spoke out to her & said it's alright, we all have grouchy days. She followed me around for a bit in the corral & as the mules were mulling around, she would pin her ears & even squealed once. She still didn't want anyone else to come around me or her. I'm still trying to find her itchy feel good spots, & have yet to find even just one. She doesn't like her belly rubbed at all & pins her ears when I do. I'm sure eventually I'll find a feel good spot. lol 

When I left the corral to check on the others out in the pasture, she stood there & began to fall asleep. I said aloud to her I agree! It's a good day to sleep! I know she heard me, but was totally ignoring me. I came back around to the corral after looking in on the others & she resigned to allow the mules to come up & get some love. 

I stood there a good long while observing everyone. A total of 2 horses out of about 30 were on the grouchy side today. Oreo being one of them & a gelding in the pasture. He has a tendency to be grouchy & at his age I imagine he deserves it some. Some were eating, some were standing around & a few were lying down to catch some rest & perhaps to warm their legs. A lot of them haven't yet gotten their winter fur & here in the south, it's hard to tell if the cold weather is going to stay or if it's going to be in the upper 70's in the next few days. This is the time of year when animals & people alike get sick. The weather doesn't quite know what it wants to do. Unfortunately, horses can't dress for the daily weather like people can, but making sure they have adequate shelter & food does help.  

I've had days like Oreo. I just wanted to be left alone for a while. I'm sure she'll be in a much better mood when the weather makes up its mind. 

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  1. naturegirl
    Maybe she's just starting a cold and is grouchy from the ache in the muscles! Voted! To have a bit of fun, read my article, Horse Humour. Cheers!
  2. HorseDiva
    Poor baby! She needs some TLC. Voted. To cheer you up, come see if you can win these boots in my article Win a Pair of VEGAN Fashion Riding Boots from NeuAura!

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