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Great workouts- Keep it simple
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Great workouts- Keep it simple

Our weather this week has been awesome. 70-80 degrees. Though with the humidity, it is hot. 

We had a great workout this morning. Transitions are coming along much better & we even got into a lope. Though that part was more like fireworks in the beginning, towards the middle we weren't humping up & farting. We both worked up a mild sweat, got the blood pumping, & the lungs working. 

When you begin your workouts, going back a step is always favorable. It's a good reminder of where you both are in your training & it gives you the opportunity to see what kind of mood your horse is in before you ask for anything more. Breaking up your routine once in a while prevents boredom for both of you. Going out of the arena or round-pen & taking a nice long walk awakens the senses for both you & your horse & they will become a more willing partner for you. 

If you take away that stimulous, they become bored, resentful & may even begin to give you all kinds of uncooperative problems, like balking, ear pinning, refusal to do anything, barn sour, herd sour & even sour against people. 

Keeping things simple is the best way for both of you to learn something new. Do things your horse likes to do rather than always what you like to do, & allow your horse to let their mane down. If they feel like a gallop rather than just a lope, allow them to do so once in a while. Alot of times we try so hard to conform them to what we want them to be, & forget they are a horse with their own peculiarites. 

Today was a great day, worked up a sweat, kept our workout short & walked out to normal breathing & heart rate. Rinsed off some of the sweat, drank water, rolled in the dirt... life is good! 

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  1. naturegirl
    Mmmm... did you join Cookie in the dirt rolling part? ;) Voted! Come read mine when you have a chance: When to Tap.
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Haha! Not quite, but I did manage to get quite a bit of mud on me from her pawing in it.

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