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Gifts Ideas for the Horse Lover in Your Life Part II
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Gifts Ideas for the Horse Lover in Your Life Part II

It's the gift-giving season and we're here to help you get some ideas for the equestrians in your life! 

Horse Stuffed Animal or Custom Plushie:

I am a grown woman and still think stuffed animals are the cutest! It is possible that your horse friend would love an adorable stuffed animal to cuddle when they are away from their four-legged friend. If you want to take it one step further, you can order a custom plushie. You will have to submit pictures of the animal and possibly a description. After that, you will receive a stuffed animal that looks like the real live animal.

Pay Maintenance Bills:

Horses are an expensive passion. If you don’t think you can find the right gift for your equestrian, then offer to pay one of their bills. A simple farrier visit could mean the world!

Supplies Basket:

If you cannot decide on one gift, you should do many small ones! You can create a gift basket full of horse goodies!

Framed Photo:

Do a photoshoot of the horse and frame it for the owner’s wall! Make sure you have permission to take photos or do the shoot with the owner.

Cowboy Hat or Helmet:

Get the cowboy or cowgirl in your life a hat to shade their face or better yet get them a riding helmet! There is no better way to show you care than to get them something to protect their noggin!

Riding Clothes:

This is a great category because it is so broad. You can get clothes specifically designed for comfortable riding and easy movement. You can get them a bunch of jeans and t-shirts that they do not mind getting dirty. You can buy them competition clothes. The possibilities are endless!


Have a little one who loves ponies? There are plenty of toy makers who make adorable little horse statues.

New Boots:

I practically get new boots every Christmas! I wear mine almost every day so they get worn out fast. Boots can range from being very expensive to relatively cheap. No matter what way you chose to go, make sure the boot has no traction ridges on the sole and has at least a one-inch heel.

Horse Treats:

Horse treats can be relatively cheap. You can but a pack at your local feed store. I recommend separating the pack into mason jars and adding a bow to make it cute! If you want to something that means a bit more, make the horse cookies yourself! There are tons of recipes on the internet!

Horse Art/Statuettes:

Personally, I adore horse art. It combines two of my passions. If your horse person loves art too, get them a painting or two. If you have a bigger budget, get a custom painting of their horse done! I would also recommend getting them statuettes if they enjoy collecting them. Personally, painted or wooden statuettes are the most fascinating to me.

Horse Ornament:

Horse ornaments are at almost every craft store for a decent price. This is a cheap gift that caters to their obsession. If you have a bigger budget you can, again, get a custom ornament of their horse. I would recommend making it yourself if you want to add sentimental value

This concludes our second segment of horsey gift ideas. Happy Holidays!

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