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Give Your Horse the Gift of Happy Hooves
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Give Your Horse the Gift of Happy Hooves

Are you a horse owner who would do whatever it takes to keep your best friend happy? Then you would not want to miss out on the new horseshoes that have just entered the market. Happy Hooves are now possible with running shoes that are designed to ensure your horse doesn't run into any painful obstacles when walking, trotting, or running round the enclosure.

A Transformation from the Past

For years, horse owners have always fitted their horse’s hooves with metal horseshoes. These shoes are not very desirable nowadays because of the newly discovered ill-effects that come along with them. Shoeing a horse tends to cause a shift in how the hooves balance load and this is what causes a decline in their health.

At the same time, shoeing causes a complete change in the internal structure of the animal as these metals are very hard and harm the ligaments and tendons of the animal. Without proper care and stimulation, the horse may continue to have weak hooves that are not strong enough to support its own weight.

Running Shoes – An Innovative Development

Aimed at making running a whole lot better for horses, the Megasus Horserunners are a new design of shoes that can be clipped onto the horse without too much trouble. Fitted with shock-absorbing material, these shoes are guaranteed to provide a more comfortable ride for any horse.

The reason these shoes are becoming all the rage is because they have eliminated the disadvantages that normal steel shoes have. These shoes can be easily removed so horses have the chance to move about without shoes and strengthen their ligaments and muscles. These running shoes certainly seem like the making of happy hooves for years to come.

Because they are clip ons, these running shoes are not just healthy, but they also provide protection for the hooves which allows for better performance and movement. These shoes are also far more flexible than steel or metal ones.  This allows them to mould themselves to the earth so that the horse’s hooves do not suffer any adverse impact, even on rough terrain.

The Benefits of Good Running Shoes for Horses

The right pair of shoes can provide a very comfortable run for any individual. The same holds true for horses. If the horse is suffering from tender hooves or bruised soles, the right kind of shoes can protect the hoof from further damage and promote better hoof growth. Good shoes ensure that the horse does not suffer from any uncomfortable pinching or painful sores.

In addition, since they can be removed fairly easily, they don’t affect the health of the hoof in any way. The shock absorbing material enables the horse to run faster and better without any trouble.

There aren’t many horseshoes that can boast of so many benefits. Since not many such shoes have hit the market yet, if you are looking to keep your majestic race horse’s hooves happy, you can pre-order the Megasus Horserunners at a reasonable rate of just £175. After all, when it comes to your horses, no price is too much to keep them healthy.

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