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New Found Funny Horse Head Statue
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New Found Funny Horse Head Statue

No matter how much we progress as human beings, our history can never be replaced or forgotten. It is our history that teaches us where we have come from and where we may be headed. The world is realizing this fact now, and people are trying to preserve as much of the ancient world as they can. Every few days, something new is discovered about our past. Whether it is a building, some fossils, or artefacts like statues, new discoveries about our history teach us something meaningful regarding our ancestors and their way of living.

The seriousness of preserving one’s history doesn’t mean that the discovery of a new artefact can’t be met with some amusement. A recent example of this is the funny horse head that has been unearthed in China and has gone viral on the internet.

An Accidental Find

The statue of a horse that looks like it is laughing with its tongue sticking out was discovered during the expansion of an airport in the city of Chengdu. It is believed to be two centuries old. Many other artefacts were also found alongside the funny horse head. All of these were found from a total of nine tombs dating back to the second imperial dynasty of China.

The horse head itself was found in a tomb that measured 26 feet long and 13 feet wide. While nothing can be said for certain, it is being thought that the horse’s head was sculpted this way simply because our ancestors were aware of the emotions that animals had, and wanted to portray them.

Ancient Civilization and Pop Culture

Unlike the famous Greek statues in the world, the reason why this horse’s statue has become so famous is less because of the skill it shows and more because of its resemblance to the Donkey from the famous movie Shrek. This was noticed by many people after a picture of the statue was uploaded to the Chinese social network, Weibo, by the Sanxingdui Museum. The historians were also amused by the expression of the horse, which is why they shared it online with a caption saying that the horse looked poisoned to them.

The Power of Social Media

After the picture was shared online, it was only a matter of time before it started being shared by thousands. And then the inevitable happened; someone made a funny connection of the horse head with the Donkey from Shrek. This led to the post going completely viral. Captions like ‘Donkey has time travelled’ took over social media and the story became instantly famous. In just four days, the post was shared over 31,000 times and had over 8,000 comments from people all over the world.

This story is just another example of how social media has taken over the world today. All it takes is one person’s comment that can make a story globally famous. On the other hand, the funny horse head also poses some interesting questions as to why it was made this way. Maybe the popular opinion that our ancestors sculpted this piece of art based on their understanding of animal emotions is true. Or maybe, ‘Donkey has time travelled’!

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    Haha! Wow, that is an uncanny resemblance. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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