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From the Colt's Perspective - The Circle Pen
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From the Colt's Perspective - The Circle Pen

“That two legged one has been looking at me again lately. I didn’t see her much over the winter, but now that the birds are chirping and the creeks are running, she’s back.

This is the second time in my life that I have watched the snow come and go, but something is different this time around. My feet are bigger and I am a little taller now. I can tell because it’s a lot easier to reach over the fence to bite the yearlings than it was last year. They’re bigger too. A little scruffier and twice rude, but definitely bigger.

Yesterday when the two legged one came to visit, she caught me and took me into that circle pen over by the long red house. The roan told me they call it barn. I’ve seen him go in and out of it a time or two. Sometimes when he comes out, he carries what smells like a dead cow. I have no idea what it is yet but I know it seems to be a big kid thing. I don’t like it. I hope I don’t have to carry one.

When I was in the circle pen, the two legged one started acting a little weird – well, weirder than normal at least. I don’t know her very well and she still smells strange to me. A lot of the older horses seem to get along with her, but I don’t quite understand her type just yet…

She had one of those twisty snakes with her. You know, the ones that wiz around in the air and then follow you around when they’re on the ground? I’ve seen them chase some of the older horses around before. You can tell when they’re ready to bite. Their mouths get real big and then flop around in circles up above your head. It’s so strange how the two legged ones hold them draped over their front scratchers so comfortably. I wouldn’t want to get that close to one ever!

When she took my halter off, I stated sniffing around in the circle pen. She stood in the middle with the twisty snake and watched me. Only me. She didn’t even bring one of the other two year olds with us or anything. Strange creature…. Doesn’t she know there is safety in numbers? How else are we going to keep those twisty snakes at bay? Not to mention the bears and yote’s and moo’ers that I’ve seen hanging around these parts. Those moo’ers give me the heebie geebies.

I don’t know what the two legged one is up to but it’s definitely different than last year. She hasn’t even come over to scratch my neck yet. I didn’t mind it when she did that when I was little. I kind of liked it actually… I just kept an eye on her while I nibbled at the few sprigs of grass around the edge of the circle pen….”

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