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Frightened Horse Goes on to Win World Cup Qualifier
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Frightened Horse Goes on to Win World Cup Qualifier

It was with complete amazement that Isabell Werth found that she could control her horse inexplicably well. After the 11-year-old gelding’s previous brush with anxiety and terror, Isabell certainly did not think it would be easy for her but Emilio proved her wrong and her frightened horse went on to win the World Cup qualifier for her stunned mistress.

A Competition that Stunned

On Friday the 24th of February, Gothenburg Sweden hosted the World Cup dressage qualifier for 2017. Shockingly, Isabell’s 11-year-old gelding Emilio went on to obtain a recorded score of 84.2 percent defeating Patrik Kittel and Delauney, who were the Swedish runners-up, by a close margin as they had obtained 80.91 percent.

The performance of Emilio was certainly not anywhere near perfection since he wasn’t sure how to perform at all times and there were a few errors while doing the pirouette as well as the tempo changes. However, given last times scare which almost took the horse to heaven, this performance was certainly much more than Isabell had hoped to achieve.

Emilio had participated before and had developed a reputation for getting erratic and going haywire. Before, whenever Isabell had tried to get into the saddle, it was as if the horse suddenly saw something frightening and would start acting crazy.

It really seemed like Emilio would never have made a place for himself in the competitive world however, he proved all speculation wrong and now a while later, he has been making history like never before. Despite small hiccups in this performance, he was still able to win the qualifier.  

A Bright Future Awaiting Emilio?

Patrik Kittel, who placed second, feels that Emilio was really lucky to have someone like Isabell train him as she really does give her best. With this victory, Isabell and Emilio are now at the top of the charts with a score of 80.

Kristy Oatley, is at quite a distance with a score of just 55 with Carl Hester rounding up the third spot with 54 points. After the final qualifier, Isabell is hoping to move on to the World Cup final which is supposed to happen in Omaha, Nebraska. The scheduled dates for the event are March 27 to April 2nd.

Although Isabell admits that Weihegold is usually her first option, she says that Emilio is a close choice too, with regard to who she will take to the finals. However, she does not wish to put too much pressure on Emilio so she may go with Weihegold, she hasn’t confirmed her choice yet.

After all, despite the fact that this frightened horse went on to win the World Cup qualifier, Isabell is well aware that the two of them still have a long way to go. He certainly needs an increased amount of training before they are able to make an appearance in the final qualifier to be held in Netherlands within a fortnight. However, the horse certainly seems to have overcome his fears and thus, the future certainly looks bright for this persevering master and daring horse.

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