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Freezer Treats
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Freezer Treats

I made a discovery, though I'm sure most already do this. Considering it's summer time and the temps are off the charts I have experimented with freezing Cookie's fruit and vegetable treats. 

If you already know which fruits your horse likes, chop them up and freeze them. 

There are many fruits that don't freeze well, like apples for example. When they thaw they are "pithy" or mushy and generally are only good for applesauce or baking. Horses don't care what the texture is, all they are concerned with is that it tastes awesome to them. 

Freezing some fruit keeps it longer and as long as you allow it to thaw some so it isn't a block of ice, they will enjoy having something cool to munch on. The great part about it is that it doesn't take much time and you don't have to do anything to the fruit. Some fruits may brown, again apples are known to do this. If this unsightly fruit is not something you can consciously feed your horse, you can put some lemon juice in a bag and coat the apple chunks in it. It will change the taste some, but it will prevent browning of the fruit. You can also roll it in sugar or freeze in water.

You may want to research which fruits your horse will eat before buying them by the bushels to freeze. Some horses will eat bananas, though Cookie won't. You can also search online for other fruits that are safe for horses to eat. Just because we eat them doesn't mean all fruit is created equal in the equine world. Vegetables are the same way and you can also freeze some veggies for treats too.

Adding frozen fruit and veggies to a 5 gallon bucket filled 1/2 way up is a good way to offer your horse cool tasty water to drink. Once the water is gone, the fruit and vegetables should be thawed enough for them to eat. 

Cookie loves frozen watermelon rinds with her alfalfa and vitamins. This is what lead me to freeze other fruits and vegetables for her when the temps soar outside. It also allows me to keep stuff longer for her when it's frozen. Otherwise it would go bad and have to be thrown away or composted. 

I will certainly be freezing more goodies for her. I have found it to be rewarding for both Cookie and myself by offering her healthy treats and watching her come up in a hurry with eyes bright, nickers galore and even a smile on her face. Ok, maybe not a literal smile, but I can certainly tell she's happy to see the treats at least. lol! 


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  1. autumnap
    Voted. A really good idea in the hot weather (if we ever get any over here that is!). Also totally natural and very healthy! I like chocolate coated strawberries straight from the freezer - sort of partially healthy anyway lol! x
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you. I'm surprised y'all haven't warmed up yet, though be careful what you wish for. :-S It has gotten so hot so quick here. I'm praying this summer isn't going to be unbearable. Sure chocolate covered strawberries are healthy.. including the chocolate. It has antioxidants... the trick is to not eat a handful at a time. LOL! That's where my issue is, only eating a couple instead of 2 or 3 handfuls at a time ;)

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