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Freedom Is Worth $14,825
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Freedom Is Worth $14,825

Horses are gentle creatures. They need to be loved and cared for if one wants them to be happy and mentally sound. It is important to remember that not all horses are born gentle. Some of them are more aggressive than others, and hence need more understanding and love from human beings.

Sarge, a horse that has just won his freedom for $14,825 after years of being mistreated, is an example of such horses. Sarge had to live a hard life, being taken in and out of horse ranches regularly, before Ann Marie Yow showed the world that working hard to raise record-breaking amounts of money was worth this horse’s freedom.

The Story of Sarge

Sarge was recently bought from the Bureau of Land Management’s corrals at Palomino Valley by Ann Marie and Curtis Yow. Sarge was removed from the range for the first time when he was just a baby. Around the time when he was 2 years of age, it was realized that he was a little more difficult to handle than other horses and he was sent back to the Fish Creek Horse Management Area, near Eureka.

Laura Leigh, an advocate for the welfare of wild horses, says that she has known Sarge for years. She knows that he is gentle at heart. He had babies on the range every year, and was a joy for her to watch. According to Laura, Sarge has been removed from the range three times during the course of his life.

After all these hardships, it’s no wonder that Sarge’s worth as a wild horse was noted and a record-breaking $14,825 were paid in order to get him the freedom and peace that he deserves in his old age.

Raising the Money wasn’t Easy

Ann Marie Yow’s inspiration to help Sarge came from her love for wild horses. She wanted to keep him safe from the people she knew would bid for him. If not for Yow, Sarge could have been used to raise money for organizations that are in favor of slaughtering horses, and removing them from the range.

In order to outbid such people, Yow started an online fundraiser campaign to free Sarge. The response of the people was better than expected, and she raised about $8,000 from this campaign alone. She also involved another wild horse advocate, Chris Fairbanks, who helped her achieve her final bid.

A Life of Peace Awaits Him

The first thing that the couple wants to do is to stable Sarge. After that, they plan to send him to a sanctuary for wild horses in Nevada, where he can be as close to the wild as possible. All that matters to Yow is that Sarge lives a happy and peaceful life after all the years that he has been mistreated and misunderstood.

Through her devotion and hard work, Ann Marie Yow hopes to inspire others to realize the worth of wild horses’ freedom as well. For her, $14,825 was money well spent if it means that a wild horse can live his final years in peace. According to the last count, the facility Sarge came from has almost 800 wild horses, all of whom deserve to be free and placed in ranges where they can run as much as they want and live their lives in peace and happiness.

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  1. chris fairbanks
    Your story is inaccurate. Please contact me for details.my email is cc.fairbanks0554@gmail.com.thank you.

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