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Selling horses can stir up some controversy between equestrians. There are those that believe a horse should never be sold and those that make their living selling many horses a year. The Pony Bloggers are here “Of Horse” audience, to address this controversial topic.

First of all, horse ownership would not be possible if there wasn’t a market of horses for sale. Some of the happiest moments for an equestrian happen when they purchase that new horse. Sometimes it’s easy to see all the good things while possible problems get overlooked. As problems arise in the partnership the conclusion might be to part ways.

The decision to sell or not to sell is a difficult one each horse owner needs to make on their own. There is some strong public opinion stressing forever homes for all horses. This is a nice concept, but not a reality.

The Pony Bloggers feel horse ownership comes with a huge responsibility to that horse. However, a pony that is outgrown should go live a life filled with many little ones learning the sport. A rider who cannot handle the mount they have chosen needs to look at their riding ability realistically and find a suitable mount. It is a better decision for that particular horse that could shine in the hands of someone more experienced.

Horse ownership also requires the owner to consider their horse’s strengths and weaknesses before trying to change them. Some horses enjoy attention and are affectionate and some are not. Just as with people, all horses are different and connect better with some than others. Be honest regarding your relationship and recognize whether or not it is working between the two of you. Equestrians owe it not only to themselves, but to their mounts as well.

Responsible horse ownership is the way of the Pony Bloggers. To be responsible means to commit to look at your skills and the horse’s skills honestly. Sometimes, it is time to step up from that beginner horse or the pony that is now too small, or perhaps, the relationship just isn’t working.

Take the time to put that horse or pony in the best situation for him or her. Don’t throw them away in a rush to make that next show circuit or move up a division. Selling your horse isn’t wrong when it’s done responsibly. The Pony Bloggers like to use the term 'forever guardians' in place of forever home. Forever watch over the horses you once took responsibility for and be honest about your partnership.

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  1. tiger6xray
    Thanks so much for sharing. This is a much needed READ!
  2. Cowgirl
    Have to say I absolutely appreciated this POST! Love your stuff!

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