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For Bugs and Parasites
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For Bugs and Parasites

Horse, like several other animals, can be plagued with different types of insects. Some of them we can get too – so the remedies listed here can help us prevent being overrun with the same little pests. These can also be used as preventive measures, such as trying to ward off mosquitoes and pesky flies.

Although internal insect or parasite problems are usually the issues horse owners deal with, there are other ways to get rid of insects that could very well be making it uncomfortable, and if all forms of discomfort can be avoided, this could be for the better. Here are the most common forms.

Intestinal Parasites: see the article on colics.

Protozoal (EPM):

• Rosewood • Spruce • Frankincense • Blue Tansy • Palo Santo • Frankincense

Flies and larvae:

• Idaho Tansy • Peppermint • Lemongrass • Lemon • Cedarwood • Thyme • Lavender • Tea Tree or Melalueca alternifolia • Geranium • Rosemary • Eucalyptus • Sandalwood • Patchouli • Clove

Sweet Itch or Gnat:

• Roman Chamomile • Tea Tree or Melaleuca alternifolia • Lavender • Peppermint • Eucalyptus

West Nile Virus:

• Oregano • Frankincense • Oregano • Idaho Tansy • Clove • Cumin (Cuminum cyminum)



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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted! My natural list keeps growing thanks to you! lol
  2. autumnap
    Voted. Sound advice for chemical free treatment - works for me!
  3. PonyGirl
    I have had good luck using a fly repellent with tea tree oil, marigold, and eucalyptus. I have also had a great deal of luck keeping flies off my horses by feeding them garlic. One note I would add however: West Nile virus can kill your horse. The mortality rate is 30-40 percent. Horses (especially where mosquito populations are high) should be vaccinated.

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