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Follow Up: Penny’s Rescue
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Follow Up: Penny’s Rescue

Penny has been recovering quite well as many of you know who decided to follow her story on her Facebook page already know!

Penny is now enjoying love, care, and constant attention. She enjoys the occasional arena ride as well as some trail rides. She is also lunged to maintain some exercise in addition due to not having enough small enough riders for her. Among that many boarders, admirers and those who love her visit her.

I have a student who may do some fun shows this coming year with Penny, but we are going to watch her progress closely and do what is best for her, which is the most important thing of all. Penny seems to enjoy her trail rides, long walks and visiting my other horses the most. She has bonded with two other horses, another gelding in his 20’s and a fellow rescue horse around the age of 5.

Penny’s diet consists of Triple Crown Senior, Triple Crown Alfalfa Forage as well as some very soft hay (although she quips). Penny also enjoys her time hand grazing around the property!

Penny has also needed some help with her arthritis as we have discovered while she goes back to work. We are working hard to find her the best option so she is the most comfortable, but moving is always helpful!

We are forever working on keeping her healthy and happy while using her as an opportunity to educate people that age does not mean a horse has to be a body score of 1, seeing as it took 9 weeks for Penny to get to a body score of 5! We used many small meals, fattening supplements and addressing her other health issues to bring her along the way she needed to be.

Penny had her trials along the way between some loose stool, fungal infections and dealing with some parasite concerns. Thankfully Sand Clean and baths became some of the best tools!

To say she is well loved is an understatement. She is loved, admired and often viewed as spoiled but considering her life of service as a lesson pony and party pony she deserves nothing less!

Please feel free to follow more of her progress here, she has a Facebook and Instagram:

Penny's Hopeful Future


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