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5 Stable Upgrades for the New Year
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5 Stable Upgrades for the New Year

As one year winds to a close and we get a jump on the next, it’s important to consider the challenges that arose in 2017 to get ready for 2018. Even if we’ve fixed every leaky roof tile, swept away every stray bit of hay, and mucked the stables so clean we could serve New Year’s dinner on the floor, there are still upgrades to consider in the coming year. These simple changes could have a dramatic effect not just on the health of your beloved equine companions, but also increase your own quality of life as you tend to your stables.

1. Better Generators

If you had trouble keeping the lights up, or worse, keeping food and water dishes clear of ice, consider upgrading the generators in your stable. Don’t immediately go for the best price versus size, as many dealers would suggest. The right size of generator is more important than the best cost per watt.

Replace generators that are too noisy or produce too much exhaust, which can interrupt the sleep of your horses or cause health concerns down the line. Also, take the time to swap out any frayed, chewed-on or otherwise damaged cables on your generator equipment.

2. Safer Hardware

Remember the time you snagged your coat on that one nail? Or when your equine buddy got his hoof caught on a loose strut? Now’s the time to tamp down any exposed hardware and keep things smooth and safe in the stable. Taking steps now can reduce the threat of injury or tetanus infections in the future.

Check out hose and blanket racks with rounded edges, which won’t cause snags or rips when you brush against them. Switch hanging hooks to closed eyehooks with double-ended snaps for added safety in the new year.

3. Ample Storage

Consider all your storage needs for the coming year. It’s likely that you had plenty of grooming equipment and accessories and may not have had ample space to store it. If you regularly have to store things away from the stable, consider adding full-sized lockers instead of simple shelves.

Lockers keep things secure and come with a variety of options. Many are ventilated, making them great for storing feed or durable tools. Others are weatherproof and can keep rain and snow from valuable equipment or electronics.

4. Upgraded Lighting

If you noticed things were a bit too hard to see this year, how about additional lighting for your stable? This is especially important if you’ve regularly had to head out at night to brush your animals and help them rest before they dozed off to sweet dreams.

Upgraded lighting can reduce accidents in the stable and make things far more comfortable for both your equine companions and everyone who works in the area. Consider indirect lighting for an option that won’t interrupt sleep habits, even if you have to sneak back in late at night to care for sick or lonely horses.

5. Metal Detectors

One of the biggest upgrades to convenience you can make for your stables is a set of metal detectors. Just a single handheld unit can make it far easier to find lost shoes, screws, nails and all the other things that seem to disappear when you need them most or reappear when you’d rather not step on them.

Metal detectors also make it easier to find jewelry lost by riders or discover exactly where the struts hide when making repairs to barn doors and fixtures. Combined with the other upgrades listed, these versatile tools can help keep everyone safe and simplify many tasks in the coming year.

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