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First Steps First
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First Steps First

Training a barrel horse? There are many major keys in training a barrel horse.

One thing I always start out with while training a barrel horse is making sure that my horse knows the basics such as flexing left and right, stopping, and backing. Without these basic commands, training a barrel horse is more like impossible. But if your horse knows the basics, you are ready to get started on your first step of training a barrel horse.

First thing I always start with is loping circles. Yes, I know loping circle's aren't always fun but trust me it works. While loping circles, make sure you work you're horse's left side just as much as his or her right side. By this I mean that if you lope five circles on your left lead, make sure you lope five circle's on your right lead. Make sure that you lope circle's everyday; trust me, the key to a good barrel horse is great circles and a killer lead change.

A way to work with your horse's lead changes are by lope figure eights. Personally, I love figure eights. They work with both sides of your horse and with lead changes. They also are great if you are wanting to muscle up an out of shape; I use this to muscle up my own horse. If your horse is having trouble and doesn't want to change its lead in the the middle of your figure eight then use your outside leg and put pressure with your outside rein on his or her neck. Make sure you don't cross the mane or you will throw them off and let your inside rein off his or her neck.

These tips are keys for training a barrel horse as just a start at a long journey.

Thank you reading. And stay tuned for more training advice. 

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  1. HorseWriter12
    This is an amazing topic and a wonderful article about it!
    1. Lydia Zimmerman
      Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

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