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First Ride...
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First Ride...

I was going to wait, however I was just too excited. I went for my first ride on Cookie today. It was only a 5 minute ride or there abouts, but I did it. My legs wouldn't hold out for much longer than that. LOL! When I first got on, she was like what on earth are you doing back there?! Her head came up so high I could almost sniff her ears. We walked back & forth across the paddock a few times & Cookie was trying so hard to help me out, at the same time trying to figure out what on earth I was doing. She was so good for me & really seemed to be understanding at least until she got bored & decided it was time to eat. She kept going towards the hay shelter & I would turn her around & go back the other way. I finally stopped her in the middle of the paddock & tried to slide off gracefully. I accidently caught her hip with my heel, but she didn't move. When I got to the ground I was taking baby steps 1/2 bent over, petting her & trying to get my legs to stop wobbling. She lowered her head down to mine as if to say, "Everything alright down here?" lol. She cracks me up. 

Technically it was my second ride in 9 years. I didn't fall off even though I came close a couple of times. I couldn't find my balance. None of that mattered. I was riding! 

We both still have quite a ways to go yet. She needs more ground work in a few areas & I need to lose more weight. She needs to strengthen back & leg muscles & I need to strengthen my legs, arms, back & I need to get a whole lot more limber. 

We'll get there. One step at a time, one day at a time. 

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  1. sweedly
    Sounds like your doing just fine. A little bit at a time till you get your legs strong and having a good horse makes all the difference in the world. Good Luck. Voted.

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