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Finding the right Fit for you!
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Finding the right Fit for you!

In the horse world there are so many options to choose. Even in the smallest communities and circles can produce multiple trainers, vets, clinicians, boarding facilities and no shortage of opinions... 

As you know from my previous blogs I was suffering from a lack of confidence and had a very strong willed Alpha Mare. 

Well I am happy to report that the past four months have been life changing for both of us. After working with a couple of different trainers in my circle I have finally found just the right one for me. She has given me my confidence back 100 fold! Ariana and I have never been better. We now have a great line of communication and are moving on to bigger and better things. 

We are trial riding, wading thru creeks and playing in lakes. We have just attended our first show and competed in ten classes, didn’t bring home the gold but we had a wonderful quiet and incident free day together. She was quiet and attentive to what was going on. We were a perfect match. 

All of this was possible due to finding the right person to work with the both of us. This trainer worked with Ariana five-six days a week for a full month and me once a week during that month. She gave Ariana the confidence she needed to have a leader aside from herself. But the greatest work was done on me. She gave me my self confidence back and the personal strength to take charge of Ariana and not let her push me around. The others I worked with were wonderful with Ariana but I remained timid and scared. So the work just never continued or grew. I am very excited to have my confidence back and am now able to use the years of knowledge I acquired before my accident to continue our growth. I am lucky enough to have my trainer as my boarding owner/manager so I can always get a little refresher and confidence builder if needed. 

Finding the right fit can make your dreams come true! 

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I am just a girl who loves horses! Pretty much everything there is about horses from the hooves up. I come from a line of female trainers and horse lovers. I purchased my first horse when I was 15 and haven't looked back. :) I am married to a non-horsey husband who loves me even though he says I am a prime example of "My Little Pony" gone wrong. I am just going to share my feelings and experiences with you and hope that we can learn and grow in our passion for horses together.

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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. Great post! Congratulations are in order! Your perseverance and hard work are paying off and that is absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to see your progress with Ariana. :)
    1. Ariana
      Thank you Rene! :)
  2. Teshaw R
    very great, and very true.... voted, thank you, and congradulations! remember to check out my post, a nice reminder http://www.ofhorse.com/view-post/Common-Symptoms-that-Have-Heavy-Meaning
  3. Louise
    Not every horse is right for everyone. We need to look at and evaluate the horse, to see if it is the right one for us. If you want a horse for simple trail rides you would not want to get a thirty thousand dollar horse. Then again you may not want to put a six hundred dollar horse in a show ring that has no training. My preference is trail riding. I love the freedom of just being on my horse on a back road with no traffic. This to me is what God intends for us to do.

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