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Finding the horse of my dreams...
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Finding the horse of my dreams...

Every chance I got I was reading and researching horses. I tried to learn everything from care, to breeds, to tack, and everything in between. I had looked at several horse rescues and thought that getting a rescue horse would be amazing. To take a horse with a broken soul and a broken heart and make him whole again... there's that "pretty flowers and fluffy clouds" dream. I thought I would come face to face with the perfect horse and just loving him would be enough for him to take care of me and fulfill all of my horse dreams. Some day I would have a horse of my own!

In early 2004 I visited a horse rescue in hopes of finding my four legged soul mate. They had an "older" paint horse that had been there and done that and "would be perfect" for me. I will never forget the shock I felt when I pulled onto the property. They had horses everywhere. They had mares, foals, studs and a bunch of dogs. They took me out back to meet the "horse of my dreams". The poor guy was very aged and very thin. He wouldn't look at me and refused to let me touch him. This was not the horse of my dreams. Looking back I wish I had done more for this horse but honestly I don't think he would have survived a trailer ride home. I saw on the website for this rescue that he died peacefully in the pasture below a big tree just a few days later.

A few weeks later I went to see another "horse of my dreams". Again he was an older been there and done that type of horse. I loved him. He was a beautiful paint and so sweet. The lady at the rescue said he would be a great horse for me. He did need to have special feed, special farrier care, and special medications but she thought it wouldn't be a problem for me. I just needed to fill out this extensive application, get letters of recommendation, provide a list of almost every person I have ever known, pay the application fee, pay the deposit... the list went on forever. I did ALL of it. Then she calls me several weeks later to tell me that she doesn't feel like this horse was a good match for me. That she loved this horse so much and it would be better if he spent the rest of his life with her, he was no longer up for adoption.

Late June 2004, in a casual conversation somebody said something about all of the sick and broke-down horses that people take to auctions. "And whatever you do, don't buy a horse at an auction. That would be the biggest mistake ever." What? People take horses to auctions? I have never heard about this. How could someone give such a beautiful and majestic creature to "the highest bidder"? Of course, that just made me curious. I had to see how this works. That's where my life changed. I did meet the "horse of my dreams". My life was going to be full of "pretty flowers and fluffy clouds".


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