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Finding the Right Vet
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Finding the Right Vet

Of course, anyone who owns a horse, especially when they are making a living from breeding them or working with them, wishes to have the very best in veterinary care. However, quite a few cannot just look for the most expensive one to get top quality care. Even though this may be the solution in the best case scenario, a less-expensive one can do the work just fine, and still keep your wallet’s waistline at a reasonable level. Here are some tips and tricks to search for the best professional your budget can allow.

1- Verify their credentials. Getting to know their experience in caring for the type of equine you own is a good way to know if they will be able to attend to your animal. Depending on the type you have, you may want one that specialises in the animal you own.

2- Ask if they are members of a professional organisation. This generally demonstrates their involvement in their community and a willingness to stay on top of new developments and technologies, as needed.

3- Find out their schedules and who you can contact in case of an emergency. Verify if they can travel to you. Of course, no one can be available 24 hours a day, but most accept being flexible. Also, having a backup for the time they aren’t and letting you get to know him/her makes the urgent times less stressful.

4- Ask about their treatment philosophy and ensure it matches with yours. You need to feel comfortable with this. Are you more aggressive, holistic or conservative?

5- Discuss all prices, including years when your animal never gets sick.

6- If needed, ask about payment plans.

7- Watch them at work by scheduling one check-up with them. This is surely the best way to evaluate them.

8- Find out who your horse-owning friends depend on for their animals, especially if they tend to have similar breeding and raising philosophies as you. See if they accept that you tag along with them for their appointments (and return the favour if asked) so as to save on appointments.

If you can think of any more things to ask them that are not listed here, go ahead and talk to your vet. Make sure no stone is left unturned. You will feel much more comfortable that way.


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