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Fighting the Fear: Part 8 The Final Chapter
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Fighting the Fear: Part 8 The Final Chapter

So this is Honey now. She has become my friend. When I arrive at the stables, she greets me with a whinny and follows me everywhere I go in the paddock. Ava and I play in the fields, putting headcollars on and off, and teaching leading. Honey stays close by, seemingly enjoying the company. As I am cleaning she is there, never further than 6 or 8 feet away. She watches me and greets all the new visitors happily. She accepts a headcollar well, although still in a stable, and she has allowed the farrier to trim her feet with no sedation at all. I can pick her feet up whilst lose in the field, and she is always happy for a bum scratch. I cannot begin to put into words how I feel about this beautiful, kind, little girl whom less than a year ago was certain I was to be feared.

The change in her is incredible. She is happy, affectionate, settled, and grateful. I have found her an amazing new home, where she can go on and continue her education with the same love and kindness she has here with me. I am not ready to say goodbye, but my work here is done. Honey will always be the pony who will stick out in my memory in years to come. She has taught me so much. She has taught me patience, calmness, control, gratitude for the little things, strength, wisdom, and more importantly that there is nothing that cannot be overcome. Impossible is nothing, just a word we use when we don’t try hard enough. Thank you, Honey, for all the wonderful things I have learned from you. You were brought into my life to teach me some really valuable lessons, and I am ever so proud of you, and all we have achieved together. Wherever you go, you will be taking a little piece of my heart with you. I promise to take good care of your baby.

A horse can do many things for a person, but Honey has given me faith. Faith to carry on, faith to achieve, and faith for the next story…. Watch this space.

Good luck beautiful girl. I will miss you so much, and as always, you are welcome back any time.



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  1. Gailberyl
    Such a happy conclusion to a somewhat sad beginning, well done.
    1. Avermal
      thank you x
  2. Renee Dryden
    Renee Dryden
    I love your stories about Honey.. I'm going to miss reading about her.. I'm glad she has found a forever home.. Keep up the good work!! Voted!!
    1. Avermal
      thank you so much. i am humbled by all these lovely comments and will continue to write. a new rescue has just come in, so her story will be next! please keep checking in x
  3. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted :D Yay! So glad to hear how well Honey has come along and that she has found a good home! Well Done!
  4. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    What a nice story and such a sweet ending. Thank you for sharing it. I sure enjoyed reading each and every installment. I will interested in reading your next one. Voted.

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