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Feed Me Shells. Trusting Your Intuition Around Your Horse
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Feed Me Shells. Trusting Your Intuition Around Your Horse

Talking to horses is not a straight forward business; especially when they tell you that they want the shells back in their feed.

I was with a client once and her horse kept showing me an image of shells and asking why they were not in the feed anymore. I stood their trying to work out how I was going to ask the owner...who was a new client of mine if she fed her horse sea shells.

I kept running it round and round in my head and the horse just kept showing me the shells and asking for them back in the horse feed.

Eventuallly I turned to the women and said "Now I know this might sound a bit crazy but your horse keep talking about shells and showing me shells and insisting that he wants them back in his feed. Does this make any sense to you"

The woman stood there for a bit and then started laughing... it turns out that she has been known to feed her horse prawn snaps... that to a horse must look just like sea shells!

Never assume that you're wrong or that your first interpretation is correct. Keep an open mind and an even more open heart to hear what your horses are saying.


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