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Fearful Riding
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Fearful Riding

I have been there and done that when it comes to horses. I remember being able to communicate so freely and effortlessly with the horses I was around. I was FEARLESS! How do you lose this? Where does it go? Can you get that feeling back? 

This has been my problem for that past 3 years. I used to train horses and rode some really "fun" ones, but one day it was like I realized how dangerous they could be and how badly I could be hurt. I have a 3 year old now that I am working with. She is a beauty and I have had her since the day she foaled. My passion for horses has NEVER been stronger! 

I have been able to ride her however; my fear is dictating our progress. 

When she is ridden by the professionals or more confident riders she is Perfect. When I get on my fear takes over and she starts to act up....Stubbornness, Rearing. Needless to say the rearing is not helping the fear issue. 

Here comes the insight! Are you ready? 

I am not alone! I have a friend that has some confidence issues too. We have become each others security blankets. LOL It is really GREAT! We have been able to encourage each other to push ourselves and our horses. We have been able to use our former talents and confidence to improve our horsemanship. It is amazing! 

Our confidence is improving and we are becoming even better friends! 


The passion for horses can overcome any Fears! 

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I am just a girl who loves horses! Pretty much everything there is about horses from the hooves up. I come from a line of female trainers and horse lovers. I purchased my first horse when I was 15 and haven't looked back. :) I am married to a non-horsey husband who loves me even though he says I am a prime example of "My Little Pony" gone wrong. I am just going to share my feelings and experiences with you and hope that we can learn and grow in our passion for horses together.

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  1. Terri AP Widdowson
    I think that it's called getting older. When you're younger you don't have any real sense of your mortality. Also, I found having children instilled a healthy sense of caution around horses in me. If I get hurt, I'm not just affecting me. Having said all of that, there are things you can do to relax and build your confidence back up again. Sound like your friend is a big help! Maybe a vote will give you a boost! Check out my last post, "The Soft Eye--Relaxation in the Saddle" , it may be helpful for you.
    1. Ariana
      I loved you blogg "Soft Eye"! I even shared it with my a couple of friends! Thank you!
  2. naturegirl
    This is true when we're around them, too, not just in the saddle. Voted! If you have a chance, come vote for me too - Horse Slaughter for Meat. Thanks!
    1. Ariana
      Very true! :)
  3. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Love this post! I too am having to over come a confidence problem. I haven't rode in 9 years, just bought my first horse & it will be at least 6 months to a year before I can actually climb aboard. The latter is because of my weight, not so much confidence. I have figured out at least for myself, that my lack of confidence comes from being rusty, being older & those nasty "what ifs". When I get myself out of my head & do what I know to do, do those things that come naturally, I don't have the what ifs & things go along quite well. I'm a logical thinker type of person, so I'm always challenging myself especially when fear enters in. I know there is no better feeling in the whole world than to be riding & harnessing the power & wings beneath me. The more I'm around Cookie, the more I learn & the more I teach & in return, the more confident I become. I wish you the best in all you do & I look forward to seeing how you're doing with the rearing problem. :) I try to blog daily about my progress or lack thereof with Cookie because it really helps to see where I've been & to decide where I want to go with her training & exercise.
  4. arabobsession
    love your article, in my tack shed I have a little sign I made up, after I got badly hurt not long ago, it says NO FEAR FEEL NO FEAR SHOW NO FEAR RIDE WITH NO FEAR, it;s actually working. I am still not cantering yet, but I have respect back in the saddle now. My mare has a very sensitive back and feels everything. Please read my blog Finding the right button for you and let me know what you think. Thanks

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