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Farmers Get Their Spirits Lifted
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Farmers Get Their Spirits Lifted

Farming is a tough profession to practice. It requires months and months of careful work in order to produce something worth selling. It is very rewarding to see your hard work turn a piece of empty land into a prosperous field of produce.

But farming is also one of the most inconsistent sources of income. What you achieve at the end of a farming season is largely dependent on available resources. Shortage of water, too much water in the form of rain, pests and insects, as well as climatic changes are all factors that determine how much success a farmer’s hard work will bring.

This is why it is sometimes important to lift the spirits of farmers before the next season of farming comes. Recently, a horse fair in Yeola was held in order to add some excitement to the lives of nearby farmers.

An Annual Affair, With Something New

The horse fair is held every year and comprises of various activities like a beauty contest for horses. However, this time around, the organizer of the fair, Pappu Gangurde, decided that it would be a good idea to introduce a friendly horse racing event in the fair as well.

The reason for this addition was so that farmers from nearby communities could come and participate in the event. This would then lead to the development of a friendly competition among them, rejuvenating and lifting the farmers’ spirits for the upcoming farming season.

A Simple Rule

The organizers of the event worked hard to ensure that the horse race goes as smoothly as possible. Many people showed up to the event from nearby regions. Some got an invitation through popular messaging application, WhatsApp. The race charged a very small fee to be part of it, and had only one rule; the riders were not allowed to hit their horses during the race.

Due to the low fee and the simple rule, a total of 110 people took part in the race.

A Major Attraction

As per the organizer’s expectations, the race was an instant hit. Spectators loved watching people racing on their horses merely a few feet in front of them. The horses were placed into three distinct groups based on their height. The horses then raced with others in their categories, with a large number of people cheering them on from the sidelines.

After a total of 11 rounds, the top ten horses were chosen. The first prize went to a six year old horse named Sonya, while Lucky took home second place. The prizes were Rs. 51,000 and Rs. 31,000 for the first two places respectively.

The presence of hundreds of villagers from every part of the state was a testimony to the success of the event. The introduction of a horse race to lift the spirits of farmers was a great idea and it clearly paid off. The visitors were seen extremely excited at the prospect of seeing their own people competing in a friendly atmosphere, and more such events are needed in other parts of the world to promote a mutually healthy competition among people as well.

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