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Fading Mist of a Thunder Cloud
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Fading Mist of a Thunder Cloud

Once upon a time several several life times ago, I had the best privilege and gift possible in this world. I had a horse. My Bianca Bella lived from 1987 until 2013. She came into my life when I was 31 years old. My first horse.

She was only 7 years old and pregnant. Bianca was my love, my teacher, my friend and companion. Bianca brought into this world three gorgeous foals. Lavender Ice, a filly, who was a cool gray on the outside and as warm in heart as the desert blood that ran through her veins. Chardonnay on Ice, was also a gray filly; she was every bit as classy in her fine features as is a sparkling glass of Chardonnay. Then came Bella's Thunder 'n Ice, my strawberry rose gray colt. 

Lavender Ice stayed with her breeder, as that was part of the sale agreement. We liked that filly so well, we traded a breeding and another foal for a breeding and foal for me, thus Chardonnay then Thunder. As a colt, Thunder was amazing, wonderful, and spirited but kind. He began to turn gray between 6 months and a year old. He looked to becoming a rose gray.

This boy was going to be a well built substance horse. He would walk along side of me from his pasture to his stall completely free. Thunder's anticipation of his evening chow would prod his youthful impatience; he would leave me at a gallop. When this happened, the result was that I would whistle for him, "Hey boy, did you forget something?" He would toss his head as if to say, "Hurry mom! I want my special dinner." Then Thunder would come running back to my side at a gallop. He would resume his position at my side and we would walk the remainder of the way together. 

He died of a birth defect found at the time of his castration surgery. The inguinal ring was overly enlarged. He herniated his intestines out, contamination being eminent with a lack of location and money, it was only right to let him go to sleep.

My heart has since been mostly mended. I've loved and lost several times again since him. But he will forever be my Thunder Colt.

Good night my boy; good night my love. I'm still missing you, Thunder.

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