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Facts About Equine Insurance  Are You Covered?
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Facts About Equine Insurance Are You Covered?

Facts About Equine Insurance Are You Covered?

     Many of us have our horses insured, but do we really know if we are covered when something happens. It’s a tough subject for horse owners. It is necessary, however, to know the facts. The Pony Bloggers are here again “Of Horse,” audience to do just that.

     Equine Health Insurance covers the following: 1. Equine Mortality

                                                                        2. Major Medical (add on coverage for expenses and bills)

                                                                        3. Loss of Use (add on)

     The Value of the Horse falls under two categories

                                                                        1. Actual Cash Value

                                                                        2. Agreed Value Policy (face value of policy)

     Be certain you know which one you have coverage for. Again we stress horse owners need to be aware of the dollar amount that is insured. The Pony Bloggers have come across many horse owners who carry insurance, but don’t know the facts about their coverage. Know the facts everyone.

     Every policy carries a Proper Care & Attention Clause. This also can come up in a dispute with your insurance company if the proper steps are not taken. Euthanasia (humanely destroyed) cannot occur without the consent of your insurance company. Keep your mortality insurance company informed. Know the protocols. Read your policy and see if there are any requirements.

     Download the policy so you can pull it up at will. Some companies have apps also to make the process that much easier. Talk with your representative and be honest regarding the horses past issues (this is huge factor for legal disputes with insurance companies for denial of coverage) be certain the horse is sound at the inception of the policy application. If not be sure to add a condition to coverage under the Sound Health Clause.

     Putting a horse down cannot happen unless the insurance company is aware of the situation and grants permission. Failure to notify the insurance company can deny your coverage. Some policies require an autopsy-know your policy…. Lack of a Post Partum Autopsy could also deny coverage.

     Horses owners carrying Equine Mortality Coverage must know the facts regarding their coverage so as not to end up in a dispute with the insurance company in the event something occurs. First of all know your coverage and the clauses inside and out. The insurance company must be notified promptly in the event of any emergency situation. Be certain the barn owner and or manager have your insurance information on file as well to insure prompt notice to a claim representative. Know the number to call! Claim representatives are available 24 hours with holidays included. Do not mistake a late night or holiday as an excuse to call the next day. This could make it possible for the insurance company to deny your claim.

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