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Exotic Horse Breeds
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Exotic Horse Breeds

Despite most people being fixated on Thoroughbred horses as the central track horse there are more breeds that take part in the sport of horse racing. As much as not knowing the various kinds of racing horses will not affect your betting, it’s nonetheless interesting to know them for ease of identification.

Thoroughbred horses are great track performers. However, below we also share more breeds that perform well on the track:

Icelandic Horse

History shows that there is a likelihood that the Icelandic horse came to Iceland in the 9th century thanks to the Vikings. As much as this small horse is a competitive one, odds are you won’t see this type of horse on the race track.

Unfortunately, little is known about the breed’s ancestors. Due to the remoteness of its origins, the Icelandic horse is one type of horse that has remained as a pure breed unchanged for over a millennia. Thus, the rarity of this kind.

The Icelandic horse breed was a treasure for the Icelandic inhabitants due to its all-round ability. Not only was it a workhorse but an animal that provided transportation. Even today this horse breed is still well respected in Iceland, and many people use it for competition, sheep herding, and transportation.

Arabian Horse

The jury is out there on this, but this horse breed is theorized to be the oldest breed of them all. The breed was a close companion of the very first documented Arabian horse breeders, the Bedouin people, a nomadic Arab tribe that relied heavily on the horse for their survival. The tough terrain, harsh climates saw people share shelter, food and water with their horses. The interaction from that time has seen the horse evolve as a sociable animal.

Due to the trading parties between Arabia and Europe, the horse was able to go beyond the Arab world into Europe and various parts of the globe. Europeans crossed the then lighter Arabian breed with their heavier kind, and the cross features heavily on almost every modern horse type.

Because of the constant trade between Europe, the Arab world and the New World, the Arabian horse is more highly present in the United States than anywhere else in the world. If you are searching for a horse that has a good chance of winning a race, best odds will be this type of animal.

Arabian horses feature heavily in different sporting disciplines. They mainly rule in the long-distance endurance sport.

Appaloosas Horse

Appaloosas is a horse breed that features mostly in fair circuits and small Quarter horse and Thoroughbred race meets. The thing is, odds are that you won't see this type of horse on a race track.

Appaloosas is a breed that runs at distances of a mile or less. Unfortunately, there was a time when Appaloosa racing would have been ended. The reason, there was a requirement that required an Appaloosa horse to compete in a race it ought to have been recognized by the standards.

The definition standard caused problems and also the fact that horse owners started doctoring markings on the registered horses so that theirs would meet the recognized standards. Fortunately, the issue is all resolved now, and the horse racing event is very much alive!

Mule Breed

Yes! There exists a racing mule circuit. Although predominantly in western America and also at the fair meetings. The race is championed by the many souls that love mules and love to see them compete against each other on a track.

The odds are not as high as any other race, but the tracks are enjoyable nonetheless!

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