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Exceptional Horses, Exceptional Therapy
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Exceptional Horses, Exceptional Therapy

Horses have always been known as one of the most loyal domesticated animals that can be kept. They are used all over the world to help with different purposes like farming, transportation, competitive events, and more.

The horses at Eagle Mount Equestrian Center are being used to provide a very different sort of function to human life. The exceptional horses that make the cut into this center are being used to provide an exceptional quality of therapy for people with physical or emotional challenges.

Not Every Horse is an Eagle Mount Horse

Due to the intense nature of work that these horses have to do and all the human emotions they have to deal with, they are not your ordinary everyday horse. Hardly 20% of horses are suitable to be employed by the program. They must have a patient and loving character towards troubled patients.

A Variety of Programs

Depending on the kind of person who needs this therapy, the Center provides multiple programs. Some of these are:

  • Recreational Riding 

This is one of the less intense programs which aims to teach basic riding skills to different people. The muscles used for riding are the same as those used for walking, so a recreational ride can prove to be very relaxing and calming for some people.

  • Developmental Riding

For parents who want their children to be more active or sharper, the exceptional horses also provide developmental riding. This is a very innovative form of the therapy in which parents can set tasks for their children to complete while riding. This increases the children’s focus and level of concentration as well as multi-tasking.

  • The Wrangler Program

This is for the people who are too scared to get on top of a horse, and would rather want to just touch it or talk to one. The trainers at the Center say that this form of therapy can help people clear their minds and let go of their fears.

Horses Help Children Open Up

There are many children that may be too scared of horses, or have a mental or emotional condition that they can’t let go of. For such children, the Center provides washable colors and paints so that they can paint a horse instead of riding it. At the end of this session, the children are found to be much more expressive about their experience and their level of confidence increases.

Children who have autism gain a lot from the horses. Riding a horse helps them focus their thoughts and the horse’s movements act as their filter from the environment. Children also gain a level of belief in their abilities through the fact that they are handling something so big on their own.

If you are wondering how horses can help in human therapy, it is because of the horse’s ability to understand the person riding it. Their level of empathy is what allows them to bond with their patients so well. 

It is quite interesting to see an animal that we regularly use for our work being the one who treats you for emotional or mental stress. No matter if you are a child or an adult, if you have a physical or mental issue then you should try the amazing work that these truly exceptional horses are doing and take away something positive from the experience.

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