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Evacuating? Food Your Horses Will Require
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Evacuating? Food Your Horses Will Require

You know the confusion and fear that sets in when you are faced with an emergency, especially when it's an evacuation for a flood. You may be able to calmly evacuate your family and other little things in your house. But when you have a couple of horses, it’s a whole different story. Whether you leave them behind or take them along with you, you need to be prepared with all they will need.

Leaving Them Behind

Apart from safe shelter, your horse will require significant amounts of water. Since you don’t know how long the catastrophe will last, ensure you have large troughs of water for them to access. Water is an essential component of their daily intake and in fact, they need water more than they need food.

The other thing your horse should not be without while you are away is grain. Since horses won't regulate their grain intake, you need to be careful with what you leave behind. Letting them eat whatever they can get could result in spending a hefty amount of money for their medication to deal with complications from excess grain intake. Put an adequate amount of grain in their rooms and of course, don’t forget the forage.

Taking Them with You

Your evacuation is going to be a journey like any other. Depending on where you choose to settle during the time of evacuation, carry plenty of supplies not only for yourself but also for the horse. Ensure you pack normal rations of food, supplements, forage, and medications where necessary. Additionally, bring with you salt and mineral blocks. These are particularly important when you want to ensure your horse is getting the right amounts of nutrients.

So, whether you decide to leave them behind or take them along with you, necessary arrangements must be put in place. I know leaving them is not an easy thing especially if the disaster could sweep them away. However, evacuating with them may also endanger your life if time is of the essence. In any case, look for the most efficient route of escape that guarantees your safety and whenever possible, your horses’ safety.


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