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Essential Oils for Your Horse
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Essential Oils for Your Horse

I have already posted many articles that describe different natural treatments for horses. As you may have guessed, I prefer alternative medicine over drugs for animals (and humans as well!), so here are some more tips and tricks on how you can care for your horse at home by using essential oils.

Just remember that to make the mixture, use 10ml of almond oil with 8 drops of essential oil(s).

Lavender: let your horse breathe in the oil to reduce stress. You can also use it for massages. Mint powder: let your horse breathe in the scent and this will relax its muscles. Tarragon: mixing this essential oil with almond oil will help your horse breathe better and can also alleviate pain, such as the one caused by tendonitis. Garlic: mix garlic with your horse’s food to help fight infections. Eucalyptus: let your horse breathe in the scent of eucalyptus to help decongest his nasal cavities. Echinacea: put some of this plant’s roots in your horse’s food if garlic is too strong for it. Nut essence: add some to your horse’s food in order to help it get used to a new type of food. Mint stew: if your horse refuses to eat, make a stew with mint leaves and bran. Alfalfa: add some to your horse’s food to help boost calcium.

Now, there are also quite a few medicinal uses per se for essential oils. Many can be used for different types of ailments or lameness, so this list is not complete. It will, however, help you with many of the issues you could have with your horse.

In order to help heal infections or to use as an antiseptic, use eucalyptus oil or any of the citrus oils.

Eucalyptus oil is also good as an anti-inflammatory.

If your horse suffers from nasal or skin allergies (such as a rash), try one or more of these oils: tarragon, camomile, mint, and/or aloe vera.

To help with scarring, use lavender, tea tree or geranium oils.

If your horse needs to relax, use camomile, mandarin zest, lavender or basil.

As for those pesky flies that just won’t leave your horse alone, try using three drops of lemongrass directly on your horse’s brush and brush it as you normally would. Or, you can make a spray using 2/3 water, 1/3 vinegar, and 10 drops of one or more of these oils: lemon-grass, clove, lavender, cedar or lemon balm. Just make sure you shake the bottle well before using because the oils don’t stay mixed with the water all that well.

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  1. pftsusan
    Great article. Voted.
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    Chestnut Mare
    Voted! Very nice blog.
  3. arabobsession
    A good hoof one I use is Comfrey oil mixed with Linseed oil, can be painted onto the frog also. Strengthens the hoof and promotes growth, worked wonders on my mare. Great article voted

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