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Equine Yoga
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Equine Yoga

Hello Again “Of Horse,” audience, the Pony Bloggers (Gucci, Sweetsie, and Leggs) are back to share another fun way to unite with your horse. The art of Yoga (union) and riding combined create partnership.

Equine Yoga calms your mind, teaches conscious breathing and body control. It makes it easier for riders to feel their horses, improving balance and strength. Equine Yoga adds to your connection with your horse. Correct breathing and a calm mind are essential to riding. Horses respond to a rider's breathing and stretching. Most riders are not in tune with their bodies from the neck down. Practicing yoga on horseback teaches riders body awareness.

Equine Yoga can be practiced in any discipline of riding and at any level or style of the rider. The exercises are fun for both horse and rider. Yoga based exercises can improve the skill-set of riders as well as strengthen riding abilities. Equine Yoga can be practiced every day by incorporating it into your warm up routine or practiced once a week as part of your training routine. The Pony Bloggers riders do both. One day for us is Yoga Fun Day and some exercises are used for warm up.

If Equine Yoga sounds like something you would like to add to your training routine, learn from a certified professional. There are many books, videos and tips online that can add to your knowledge as well. There are also certification classes available for those interested in teaching equine yoga. As with any riding activity, practicing right makes it right, so learn from the experts.

Include Equine Yoga in your daily riding routine. The partnership, bond, and awareness greatly add to your skill set and connection with your horse. Equine Yoga is beneficial to your well being not only in the saddle but in life as well.

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  1. tiger6xray
    thanks so much for your posts. I really enjoy them and love that they are told from the horse's perspective! Thanks again for sharing!
  2. Marie
    Wow, this is very interesting! I voted for you!

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