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Equine ID System Gains Prominence
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Equine ID System Gains Prominence

During the 23rd National Equine Forum, the Equine ID System gained much prominence as various influential individuals of the equine sector participated and got engaged in this system of managing the health and wellness of horses. Horses have played an important role in the lives of people. To mention a few, they have been used as a mode of transportation, for recreational pursuits and other working related activities such as farming duties, and at times for rescue missions.

The Equine ID System should be on the radar of all horse practitioners as the key attribute of this system allows owners to identify their own horse. Through identification, owners can easily control the spread of a disease outbreak and immediately isolate those that may have gotten infected. This is possible, since what is captured is the pattern of the horse’s iris, which is a unique attribute similar to a fingerprint. The system can also help in locating a lost or even a stolen horse since all data is stored online.

The system is fairly easy to use and most commonly known as the Eye-D scanner. Just as the name implies, it is a device that allows you to scan and analyze the horse’s eye without causing any discomfort. On a high-level view, these are the steps on how to use the scanner:

  • Enroll the horse through the Eye-D scanner
  • Identify the name, birth date and breed type of the horse
  • Capture the required images of the horses eyes and facial structure
  • Enter all other necessary details related to the horse and information of the owner

If it were a digital camera, Eye-D is more like a point and shoot thus no harmful effects are experienced by the subject. Plus it’s paperless, as all information that needs to be entered can be done directly on the scanner or on a computer and instantly be saved on an online database. This kind of innovation can slowly eliminate the current method of identifying horses, that result in inflicting pain on the animal through methods of hot branding or insertion of microchips. It also allows veterinary practitioners to easily monitor the health conditions of the horses since the data can be accessed and modified online. Some details such as the pattern of the iris is translated into a code and will only be accessible to the owner or to whoever is given the authority.

Overall, the Equine ID Systems will gain prominence not only because of its capabilities, but also because of the low cost of using the scanning device. This device is constantly being improved to provide better management of the health and well being of the horses. It’s proven to be secure, fast, easy and most of all there is a low risk of any contamination or infection because the method of scanning is done a few steps away from the horse, just enough to capture an image of the iris. The next big step then, is to provide awareness to the equine society on the importance of such an innovative development. 

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