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Equine Chiropractics II
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Equine Chiropractics II

I would like to elaborate more on my previous blog about equine chiropractic care. I've been looking much deeper into it, as I am considering it as a career choice. Of course, I am by no means an expert. I just want to get the word out about it, since it has been a very positive thing in mine and my horse's life. The official term is The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, or AVCA. When looking for an equine chiropractor, it is important to find out if they are AVCA certified. To become an AVCA certified animal chiropractor, one must either be a licensed doctor of chiropractic or licensed doctor of veterinary medicine.

Once licensed in one of these two areas, one must study animal chiropractic care through an AVCA approved program and pass a comprehensive writing test as well as a clinical competency certification examinations. An AVCA license lasts for three years before it must be renewed. Animal chiropractic goes beyond the horse world. Animal chiropractors can adjust anything from elephants to guinea pigs and everything in between. I've taken a great interest in this science, because I think that animal chiropractics could be a wonderful addition to veterinary medicine. Much like people, our pet's skeletal system is a very valuable part of the body. If everything isn't in proper order on the inside, your pet will know it, but not necessarily show it. Animals can't just tell you: "Hey mom, my back really hurts today!," so by the time they find a way to tell you, it might not be the kindest gesture. It's our job as horse owners (or dog or cat or goat or any pet owners) to look out for these animals. My horse, as well as the other horses at the boarding facility where I keep my horse, seem to really enjoy their chiropractic adjustments. Their attitude and behavior after the adjustment is always relaxed and pleasant.

I would love to hear any opinions or experiences that others have had with animal chiropractors!

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