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The Pony Bloggers (Gucci, Sweetsie, Leggs) are back again to discuss Equine Chiropractic Care. As you already know, we have very different jobs Eventing(Gucci), Barrel Racing (Sweetsie), and a Hunter-Jumper (Baby Leggs-still learning). The wear and tear of our lives can cause spinal misalignments and muscle imbalances.

An equine chiropractor focuses on our skeletal structure. By using manual manipulations, the chiropractor can bring our structures back into proper alignment. A horse that is not balanced and misaligned can experience back pain, undesirable behavior, and lameness. Other problems include difficulty bending, difficulty picking up leads, uneven gaits, stumbling, and signs of resistance (rearing, spooking, bolting).

Chiropractic treatments are part of holistic care and should only be administered by a veterinarian trained in Chiropractic. The first step is an Equine Chiropractic Consultation. This should include a thorough examination of the whole horse. The horses’ history, care and use. The horse should be observed moving and being ridden. Sometimes the problem comes from our riders not riding properly or an ill- fitting saddle. Another reason it is so important to focus on good riding and proper fitting equipment.

Chiropractic care administered properly will ideally restore normal function. Manual Manipulations can restore joints and range of motion. Depending upon the problem follow up appointments may be recommended.

There are times when chiropractic treatment is not recommended. Horses with a very specific center of pain, any type of fracture, and Lyme disease (after treatment chiropractic is a great follow-up for Lyme) should not receive chiropractic treatment. A qualified, experienced, and licensed veterinarian should only do manipulations of our skeletal structure. We recommend a consultation once a year and follow-up as instructed by your veterinarian.

All three of us Pony Bloggers include chiropractic treatment as part of our health schedule, as well as Equine Sports Massage Therapy (use a certified therapist). We highly recommend it for the rest of our equine friends. Holistic Care & Conventional Medicine can keep us healthy and comfortable for a long time.

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