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Energy Projection in Training
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Energy Projection in Training

Communication and connection are words that I have in the forefront of my mind when I am training my horses. But how many people think about how large their energy field is or how well they are able to project their energy as they train? There may be those among you that don't think this is relevant to them, or perhaps feel it is edging into the realms of holistic nonsense but there was an incident with my horses that showed me how important this idea is.

As a healer and communicator, I imagine that I am more consciously sensitive to energy than most. This is because I want to be and have therefore trained my brain and body to notice it more.

The incident that happened starts as I was introducing a new horse to the herd. Initially, this was over a fence so that I could see how well they were responding and behaving with one another. I stood close to the fence with the new mare and I could sense tension building. I noticed the new mare getting close to the fence where my gelding, who is most definitely boss, was grazing with one of my other mares. I said out loud "you are getting too close to them and he is not happy" because I could sense a tensions rising as she was getting ever closer.

She ended up quite close to me. Then my gelding put his ears back and lunged at her, not biting her, just making it very clear that she had over stepped her boundaries. Whilst this happened, what really struck me was that I had been 'hit' with a massive bolt of energy in my solar plexus. Now for those who don't know, this energy point sits just below the breast bone and in people and horses it is the energy point associated with power and status. My lead horse had just sent out a powerful energy bolt which was meant for the new mare. Since I had been close too, I had also been affected.

This was the first time I realized just how much better horses are at, not only reading energy but also using that as part of their language and communication. It came as no shock to me that the horse that was the best at energy projection was the head of the herd.

This knowledge made me look at my own way of working with energy, not only as a tool for healing but as a way to project to my horses who I am with confidence.  Any horse owner knows this is essential.

Learning what your own energy imprint is like and how to increase it, especially if you need to get your horses attention or you are training them, is for me the next stage of training and awareness with horses. It also leads us to be more aware and in tune with ourselves in general.

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  1. Bradbury King
    I'm intrigued by your idea and don't find it impossible at all I'd like to know more about how to use that in training.
    1. Andreana Dorrs
      Andreana Dorrs
      Hello, thank you for the comment. Sorry for the very long time in coming back to you. I have been busy travelling and teaching. I will write up other articles about energy projection, so please keep an eye out.

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