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Emotional Connections That Can Result From Riding Horses
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Emotional Connections That Can Result From Riding Horses

Horseback riding is amazing, not only as a fun activity or a competitive sport. Not even only for your physical health—it works most muscles in the body, after all. Riding on horses can be an emotionally healing experience that has been proven effective for decades.

People who love horses have known the benefits of their time spent with their mounts for a long time. Now the idea is hitting the mainstream, becoming a legitimate and sought after form of therapy for people with multiple conditions.

If you are seeking an emotional connection, or if you are a caretaker of someone who is seeking greater emotional connections, equine therapy is a fantastic option. Here are some ways it helps.

Connections With Horses - The most obvious connection is the one you develop with the horse itself. Horses are incredibly empathetic creatures. It is impossible to spend time riding and caring for them without fostering that same empathy in yourself. Many riders describe the experience as one of building a relationship with a lot of trust.

Connections With Nature - In a world where we are constantly tied to our smartphones, computers, and consoles, it is rare that we connect fully with the environment around us. That is much to our detriment, and plenty of people are looking to feel tied to nature again. Horses provide that tie to an old world feeling of connection.

Connections With Fellow Riders - Riders tend to be a tight-knit group because they understand the joy and discipline involved in horseback riding. When you join up with a stable or group, you will be entering into a social circle that can be very helpful, accepting and supportive. They all understand the connection you will have to your horse, as they have their own.

Connections With Your Inner Self - Equine therapy has been found to be extremely healing for many suffering from mental illness and emotional turmoil. Similar to owning a service animal, there is a bit of a deeper tie fostered to a horse than with other creatures because of the trust required to ride. But that trust isn’t just in the animal, it is also in yourself. You learn to trust your instincts when you ride.

Helping Teens Through Equine Therapy - Perhaps the most affected group that has been seen in equine therapy are teenagers. Troubled teens are an ideal demographic, as horseback riding forces them to learn discipline, empathy and form connections with others and themselves. So, if you have a struggling teen, this might be the perfect solution.

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