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Effective treatment for Sarcoids
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Effective treatment for Sarcoids

Effective Sarcoid Treatment

My name is Leggs and I am a four year old rose grey appendix filly. I am prone to sarcoids (Common in grey or white horses). A sarcoid is a tumor resembling a sarcoma. Sarcoids are very difficult to treat effectively and may come back after treatment. My person has researched many different options and learned that surgery angers the tumor and causes it to spread and come back not soon after. I had three of them on my body, one on my neck under mane, and one under each of my elbows in my girth area. My person treated them by scrubbing them with betadine and then applying a topical ointment called Exterra. After a few weeks two of them fell off and have not returned. Unfortunately, the third sarcoid had been very stubborn and growing. My person learned that it was attached to a blood supply and thus causing the growth. This sarcoid had to be surgically removed. I was a same day patient at Brendan Furlong & Associates to have the tumor removed. My person opted to have chemo balls placed in the area after the tumor was removed to ensure treatment to the area (highly recommended if surgery is the only option). My tumor was very large and the surgery was the only option available for me. I was placed on stall rest for one month to allow the area to heal. I am one happy filly everyone, all is well and none of my sarcoids have returned.  Another added note is laser therapy has recently proven very successful in the treatment of sarcoids.   I wanted to write and tell everyone about my experience because information was hard to find when these growths appeared on me. I hope it helps other horses and their persons.

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  1. MrA
    Thank you very much for this very informative article on Sarcoids. You clearly care for horses very much and your advice is very welcomed.

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