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Ebony and the Accident that Changed my Path.
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Ebony and the Accident that Changed my Path.

When I was younger I first wanted a blue horse, then a pink horse until finally I would have taken a horse in any size colour or breed!

I just loved horses and I remember that as a child I would be very intuitive and natural with them, loving the time I spent with them and being able to know what was the right way to be with them.

My first horse Ebony who is still with me today, is a gorgeous bay mare with a heart of gold. She was not very well trained and at first I had her at a livery farm where everyone felt the need to tell me what I should do with her. My head was so full of other people's voices that I didn't seem able to really connect with Ebony in the way I remembered connecting with horses as a child.

After six months of owning Ebony I finally took her home to a field next to my house, where at last I could be on my own with her. Still though I struggled to know what was right and I felt the pressure to be riding and progressing with Ebony, as if my own value was wrapped up in what we 'achieved' together.

It wasn't until I had a very bad fall and shattered my ankle that I hit the pause button and allowed myself the time and space to think about the relationship I had with my horse. The day that I came off Ebony I could sense a tension in her but a voice in my head told me that I was in charge and I needed to push on regardless of the signs that I was getting from Ebony that something wasn't right.

It was whilst we were heading for home that Ebony tripped and I landed very badly completely shattering my ankle.

The recovery was very long and during those two months of being off my feet I took the time to research and think about what had pushed me to come away from just enjoying horses and I spent hours and hours with Ebony just being around her and taking time to get to know her as a 'person'

Finally the mental battled I had been in with myself as dispersed as I realised that nothing was more important than enjoying my horse and now horses. It was during that time that I started to learn about healing and animal communication, which not only has made me close to my own horses but has helped me to discover about myself in a way I couldn't have imagined.

It might seem strange to be grateful for an accident but it changed the course of my path and my relationship with horses. Whilst I had my cast on I went to the Spanish Breed show and met my next horse Brron there. I might never had met him if I hadn't have fallen and I probably wouldn't have learnt about healing; developed my psychic skills or learnt to start trusting in my own intuition again and allow myself to just be in love with horses again. Taking away the pressure to please and to be accepted by people has allowed me to take my acceptance from the horses instead.

Ebony helped me to remember why I loved horses and my accident allowed me to review my life and my connection with horses.


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  1. Cynthia
    Andreana, I enjoyed your article. I am a 62-year-old horse owner (One young thoroughbred, one retired gentleman) who has recently come into 'the path of the horse' through new acquaintances who are adopting more ethical methods in horsemanship. There is much written about this subject at present, but I would encourage you to look at some YouTube videos of one outstanding horseman: Alexander Nevzorov, who owns Haute Ecole in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is an amazing horseman. So, for me, my new path is to 'be with the horse', and stop using painful bits. I have been riding for four years (almost), although I rode as a child and teen, but then gave it up for over 40 years). I don't feel it is necessary to ride, and although I will hop on for about 15 minutes (maximum) with a light English saddle and leather halter, I am mostly doing groundwork and play with the horses now -- they have responded by coming willingly to me now and they want to be with me, rather than stepping away due to (probably) thoughts of the misery under saddle. It's not all miserable, but I encourage you to watch The Path of the Horse and also to look at Stormy May's story (An American and a former riding coach). Ms. May also took a new path. I think your injury has spoken loudly to you. I have made this decision after enjoying years of riding and lessons / training. Recently, I just asked myself, "Why am I doing this horse?' I don't need to ride and I am so enjoying the fun just being with them, playing with them, and doing groundwork where I run along beside them as an equal partner in the work! I hope, when you ankle fully heals, you wil do the same. Blessings to you.
    1. Andreana Dorrs
      Andreana Dorrs
      Hi Cynthia, thank you for your message and I am really pleased you enjoyed the article. The accident was about eight years ago and me and Ebony now work healing people and we don't ride anymore. I have five horses now and I am a healer and communicator so I talk to and ask each of my horses what they want from life and what sort of life they want. Because of this I am able to facilitate their destiny and work with them in partnership. I have seen the documentary the path of the horse and it was very inspiring although for me I find that listening to the horses I share my life with, is the most rewarding way for me to work with them. Sometimes the way others way can blind you to what your own horses are trying to say. One of my horses suffered abuse whilst being brought up in Spain and I managed to heal this for him by connecting to the memory. Another horse took five years to discover he actually wants to heal people and that is his destiny. The work I do with the horses is very spiritual, so sometimes people don't quite know what to make of it but it was having my accident that made me know there was another way and to seek it out. I hope you have many happy times with your horses and its lovely that you are playing with them and spending time with them just as two beings who love one another's company.
  2. Teresa Ray
    How do you know your a healer ? Sincerely asking ?
    1. Andreana Dorrs
      Andreana Dorrs
      Sensitivity is one sign, being more sensitive to things in yourself or the feelings of people and animals. People who are healers are normally naturally more instinctive but may have closed off over many years but you would have certainly been sensitive and intuitive as a child.

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