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Earning the love and trust of an abused horse
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Earning the love and trust of an abused horse

There comes a real sense of making a difference adopting a rescued horse. Rescued horses carry baggage that takes time and real dedication to deal with, but with time and lots of love you'll find yourself with a companion who is grateful to have you.

One must remember when adopting an abused horse that it can take a long time to earn their trust. Patience is the key.

Abused horses need extra time and TLC. Be sure to spend a lot of time getting to know your horse. All horses have their own temperaments. It is important to understand your horse's attitude before training can begin. You will often find with abused horses at first their reactions to your efforts will be aggression or shyness. Time, patience and love will eventually bring trust.

Remember that you cannot rush training. Mere patience, persistence, consistency and time can do wonders. Your horse will come to you when he's ready.

Discover what treats your horse likes. If he loves oats, then you can use this as a positive reinforcement for him. When you're giving your horse treats, always give them to him in a rubber bowl or bucket so that they won't start pushing you around and getting in your pockets, or start nipping you. Sometimes you can make friends with a horse simply by giving him treats, but remember that he needs to trust you when you are treatless too. Treats can be a good reinforcement that he is not going to be hurt, but even touches/strokes on the neck or head can be reinforcement that you mean no harm too.

Remember to be patient you have to let your horse come to you, not you to him. No matter how much trouble your horse gives you they can sense your attitude so you need to always be calm and relaxed.

Keep a close eye on your horse for any signs of aggression. An aggressive horse will lay his ears back, have a cold gleam in his eyes, and wrinkle up his nose. An aggressive horse may take expert help to settle down.

There are no simple answers to earning the trust of an abused horse. Some horses sadly never trust again, but those who do can fill your life with love and treasured memories if you just hang in there and earn their love and trust.


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  1. Ronnie
    My rescued horse was the best horse I ever owned.
  2. evgr
    Earning there trust is difficult, but so rewarding.
  3. naturegirl
    This is a very touching post. Thank you! If you have a chance, stop by my new article, A Tale We'll Never Forget, and vote if you enjoyed it.
  4. HorseDiva
    Indeed very rewarding. I voted. I have a new post - come take a look! It's about a mystical beast we all know well.

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