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Eyes Speak Volume
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Eyes Speak Volume

When it comes to horses, many individuals, unless you were lucky to grow up with them (some would call that a curse), or were born with the distinguishing “crazy gene”, do not know much about them, besides the big fact they are a lot of the time, well BIG. Of course, unless you are a horse lover, most individuals do not know much about them. The multi tasking, love, and training that goes into each individual horse is overwhelming to the out skirts of beyond our horse world. But even sometimes being a horse lover or horse enthusiast we overlook common factors in our world of horses. Now most horse lovers know that 90% of horses' language is through body language which being heard animals is were the what we call pecking order comes from, but in my thoughts has anyone just sat and thought of the distinguishing factor of a horses eyes? We all know the beauty and magnificence of a horse's movement, the anger that comes with pinned ears, the shake of a head that comes with a snort, but what about those crystal blue eyes?? Or those brown speckled ones??

As a horse owner can you read your horse's eyes? As a horse lover and owner I have found myself simply staring at my horse's eyes… and although I have heard from horse trainers many times to not look in a horse's eyes, I completely disagree. Do we not feel as humans that the eyes are the doorway to the soul?? Why as another one of God's precious creatures would I not want to gaze in my horse's eyes as he stares into mine? I have learned valuable lessons when looking in a horse's eyes. The biggest that a horse's eyes paired with minimal body language can speak louder than an educated diplomat. Looking into my horse's eyes has taught me how to soften my eyes gaze, simply because with my own shock at seeing my horse's chocolate brown eyes tense upon looking at me and then grow in shock with my shock.

I see my horse's fear, but then the softness that comes because of trust with the softening of my eyes. You can also see a horse's anger or annoyance and that there is a difference between the two. The last thing I love about looking into my horse's eyes is seeing that Love and Trust, the ability to gaze into a horse's eyes with compassion, love and trust yourself not only with your own horses but all individual horses out there will leave you with the most humble creature God has created. No matter who you are, whether a horse lover or not the next time you see yours or another’s horse, try to SEE through their eyes, the pain, suffering, love, anger, and freedom they have received in their lifetime and show their eyes the same respect from your eyes. Be gentle and kind, for it will forever show in their gentle and beautiful eyes, in all colors.

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  1. arabobsession
    good article, i too look into my horses eyes, I also allow any horse that wants to inhale my breath and i then inhale theirs. the trust this takes on both parts is very humbling. give it a go. voted

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